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for TRANSFORMATION, Part I: From Shanghai to the Hong Kong

5/18 c6 BlindFox455
Error chapter 6. "I wasn't aware we had female combat instructors on staff." The first instructor we're introduced to is a female turian.
3/1/2017 c34 VelSheppard
again an awesome chapter .
love your work
5/16/2016 c24 2istina1268
Have I read this before? It seems like I have.
12/31/2015 c20 Guest
8/31/2015 c16 15Desert Sunrise
HA! Nice to 'see' some familiar faces. :-) Also great to see Traynor becoming more adept at blades... better to chop off a certain Prothean's head in 'Transformation.'

Last person you want to piss off is your waitress. Who knows what she'll do to your drink or food, and especially if you're conducting supposedly clandestine business. I'm thinking she'll be mad enough at the jerk to talk for some creds when someone comes looking for that lost statuette. Nice.
8/1/2015 c15 2istina1268
I love the quote you used at the beginning of this. I was very sad when Pratchett died. He was truly gifted, and extremely funny. :) I also really like how you account for the momentum of the projectiles in your fight scenes. So many times people have Shepard or whoever else walk away without even a bruise after taking a round to the shoulder. Silly people and their ignorance of physics...
7/2/2015 c14 15Desert Sunrise
Nicely done... My only hope is that, while out and about, Traynor's hate of Batarians does not lead to her reveal her presence by killing one when she is supposed to be on a clandestine mission. Control, Samantha... control! You never want them to see you coming. :-)
6/13/2015 c13 2istina1268
Hey...I know sometimes you are bound by the Mass Effect arc...but I had a thought when the medic gave Sam "A positive synth." There is already some success in treating donated blood so that it can be donated to every blood type. It certainly seems that if med tech is advanced enough to make synthetic blood that it would be made as universal donor. If nothing else...All synth blood could be made O negative and problem solved. Just a thought...love reading your stuff as always. :)
5/1/2015 c11 15Desert Sunrise
Certainly not the normal interpretation one sees of the Bioware created Samantha Traynor. It brings an interesting twist.

Poor Sam - Welcome to the military. People die and you can't just take off and leave whenever you want, even for a funeral for a friend... especially when you're in training. And Xiùlán... it's not a complete failure... they have something mighty interesting in their storage compartment, but they certainly didn't meet all the mission requirements. Wonder how the instructor and command will see it, and if it will affect their graduation. Curious as to where this is going!
3/27/2015 c10 Desert Sunrise
So, the first of their little group is gone... and Joesiar had nothing to do with it! Damn Cerberus anyway... and I'm hoping Walsh and Darius never make it out of custody alive... and Xiùlán... let's see... I do believe they have a certain 'friend' in high places? I'm seeing a call to a particular female general that likes them both. Nicely done! Be interesting to see how our pair exact their revenge, or if they even can!
2/27/2015 c9 Guest
Another piece well done. I think you and Desert Sunrise helping each other out has indeed been a boon...to your readers! :) I love it.
2/27/2015 c9 Desert Sunrise
I have to wonder exactly what Aglyna's interest is in Xiùlán. Setting herself up for a whoopin' if she tries to move in on Sam's girl... Not that Xiùlán would ever go for it!

That young Turian wouldn't just happen to be one each Garrus Vakarian, now, would it? :-)

And service records reflecting N-school training? Uh huh... only until it all gets redacted because of their 'special program' classification. The notations may be there, but no one will ever see them!

And then we have seemingly unconnected segments on a mystery Salarian freighter and poor Heather on Mars... I know you'll tie them into the story, so I can only assume ill things are about to befall them...

Nice update, and ready to see where you are taking this!
1/30/2015 c8 Guest
:) I enjoy reading about Yuan. It is not often that someone makes a character outside of the canon that I like so much.
1/29/2015 c8 Desert Sunrise
Park's appearance surprised me... fully expected it to be a set-up. Would like to see her stick around, maybe to cover their backs as the program winds down and get them decent assignments? :-)
Now... not needing 'balls' to do the job. I must admit, I laughed my way through that, but agree with her assessment! lol
And Mallene... Smart move by Xiùlán to make sure Sammy knew about it, especially in hindsight, knowing her reaction to the initial request. I'm thinking Traynor won't have that memory blocked... For someone relatively unfamiliar with Asari abilities, I wouldn't want them mucking around in my head like that.
1/13/2015 c7 Desert Sunrise
Definitely a set-up! Will be great fun to see if they all ignore it (of course not) or how exactly they decide to deal with it. Can't wait!

And even MGen Joesiar has to realize you shouldn't threaten a military adjudicator appointed by the Judge Advocate General! Ohhh, this is going to be fun!
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