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for The Marauders

10/7/2014 c1 42Jemennuie
This is interesting. It's concise and reads well as a memorial (as one of the other reviewers said) but as a bit of concrit I think you could have expanded more on it, since so much of it seems to be based directly on canon.
9/27/2014 c1 2MidnightTales357
Despite being small it's actually a great piece of work. Good job .Also you should know that right now my heart broke into small pieces because come on it's so sad (sad face).I think that's a good sine (considering it's rated tragedy).Now excuse I'm off to find my heart's lost pieces and put the back together
9/8/2014 c1 ShadowLOL
I really like this mini a way it's a bit like a memorial.

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