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10/22 c45 Dhdjsnsnjajans
I know I did not just read that KURIVA is in love with suyin. I’m lost for words. That is her adopted mother!
10/18 c39 Dhdjsnsnjajans
I’m sorry but I can’t get through this chapter without laughing. It feels wrong. Like the whole thing with Asami, Korra, and Mizu. I don’t know where this is going. I have loved this whole thing so far, but this part is hard to get through.
10/6 c61 Guest
Hi I'd just like to say that the side story arc where Korra is an every day worker with bloom delivering packages and asami is ceo and they meet I think that's an amazing story on its own. I feel you can make something unrelated to this story with that gist, like they're just normal people and meet by chance snd you can go from there yk? I just think that concept is really cool I've never seen one like that, this story does it well but one on its own would be fantastic. Much love
10/5 c83 trinigomez
Ahhhhhhh omg omg omg I love this story can’t wait for the the next update I’ve been checking in everyday In the hope that you will update, no rush ik it takes a lot of work to come with a story as amazing as this keep up the good work and can’t wait to read more!
10/5 c83 DenDenISPOOR
Aww man. I hope you can continue this story. I FCKIN LOVE IT SO MUCH, that I made a little tantrum in my room bc it says TBC...and it's been like 6 years now? You are SO INCREDIBLE to make such a WONDERFUL world/universe to my favorite OTP. I want to donate to your PATREON soon when my salary will be back to normal bc of the Pandemic today. I really really HOPE you'll continue this until the very end. I just really want to know what your ending for this one. Don't leave us hangin'.
10/3 c83 Bloop
This is sooooo good. Please update as soon as you can
10/2 c83 Guest
10/1 c83 Smokinlavish
I’m am so sad that this is the last chapter I could read this story forever. I’m a huge huge fan of the avatar both Anng and Korra but I love her so much more because I’m gay and when I found out korra was gay u couldn’t handle it I rewatched noth shoes like 3 times and I’m rewatching again rn and I’m even gonna be korra for Halloween. I recently painted a picture of korra in the avatar state. I’m sorry I’m rambling but this story I don’t have the words it’s everything I could’ve ever asked for it’s amazing please I hope you get the motivation soon to continue. Idc what anyone says I’m your number 1 fan I just finished your whole book like binge reading in a week and I am begging you for more it’s crack don’t leave me like this lmao the fact that your mind put all this together and made this good of a story I’m shook! I keep telling my gf of almost 5 years that’s it your having my kids! . I love this so much i feel like my mind has opened so much you’re fr changing people ! You’re awesome and I hope whatever you’re going through you’re okay.
9/23 c83 Sierra
I really hope you continue. I've checked everyday for a new chapter. This is by far amazing. Honestly you could make this into an actual book with your own creative characters that don't involve the avatar universe and it would still be amazing.
I love that it does involve Korra and Asami; however, you could make this into your own work and with a bit of editing you could publish it... that doesn't mean to quit this story haha.
9/13 c83 Sierra
I'm loving this story. I literally check everyday to see if there is a new update.
9/10 c83 am7696
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
9/6 c83 2Volchise
HOLY. CRAP. I cannot tell you how amazing this fic is. I can’t remember the last time something pulled me in SO freaking much, I just binged the whole thing. I laughed, I cried, it was almost physically painful to read at times because I was so emotionally invested. Please please PLEASE UPDATE!
9/1 c83 Guest
Augh thank you SO MUCH. Your writing is incredible and is getting me through a lot - please I hope you continue to write more!
9/1 c83 quinntenr
I have never read through a book so fast this is dope
8/30 c1 Guest1
So so so good! Rereading for the second time. Looking forward to new content :)
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