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5/21 c100 Hollyflower
This story is the best I've ever seen in my entire life. I've looked and looked for other fanfics like this, but I've ever found anything as good. Not even close. I cried when this was over, I never wanted it to end. I reread it, and just now finished it today. It only took a day, I couldn't stop reading.
Please make more Warriors High fanfics. I've read Warriors University and every other mini add-on already, and I can't get over the fact that there probably won't be anything else. But please, if you see this, Frost, make something. Anything. I literally adore your writing.
I understand if you can't. But if you can, please, please, please. Make something to attach to Warriors High. Also, I'm bored waiting for more Warriors books. Lol.
Another thing, the few hate comments that you get, don't listen to them. They just like to make fun of others, those jerks. Ignore them. Your writing is amazing and I love it so much that you've inspired me to make my create my own fanfic.

Can't you see, Frost? You are straight-up amazing.
4/22 c100 ImNotInsane
This was a beautiful Story. I am NOT insane. I have NOT been reading this story non stop since 10:47 and it is most definitel SPELLS NOT CURRENTLY 4:47 IN THE MORNING DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? On that cheerful note let me say how much I enjoyed this. Breeze x Ivy is amazing and no one ships it DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A FUCK THAT THEYRE RELATED? NO I DONT GIVE A SHIT. I’m sorry for language it’s just currently 4:50 in the morning I’ve been awake all night. Just reading this fan fiction. I’m fifteen dude. This is my life.
3/27 c62 Guest
Graystrioe and firestar muh boiesssssss
3/8 c61 QueenSilverstar
My favorite ship is either FirexSand, BluexOak, LeafxCrow, or LionxCinder
2/5 c59 Amber
For that question, I would do:

Female: Sandstorm
Male: Firestar
2/5 c58 Amber
Oof, this question is hard. Wait...Mudfur? How's he evil?
2/5 c57 Amber
Oh, the answer to your question is easy: Firestar and Bluestar (I absolutely love her!)
2/5 c18 Amber
Wow, great chapter! I am freakin' angry at Heathertail right now!
2/2 c66 Firefeather
Half of these pranks are from Big Nate (marshmallows, the scene where Breeze thought he outdid fox, Thunderstar’s announcements, llamas, dustpelt’s date, etc.)
2/2 c62 Firefeather
Didn’t Hollyleaf die?
1/18 c18 April
12/8/2021 c97 lilythefox
FOXXHAZEL FOREVERRRRRRRRRR! Lol my favorite quote was from Kung Fu Panda
12/8/2021 c96 lilythefox
Nightcloud POV in this one lol
12/8/2021 c95 lilythefox
Question of the day, question of the day, QUESTION OF THE DAYYYYY!
hawk's dad is tiger, tiger's first mate is golden, golden's daughter is tawny, tawny's mate is rowan, rowan's daughter is dawn, and dawn's dead brother is sadly *sniffs* FLAMETAIL
12/8/2021 c93 lilythefox
my favorite "exam-interruption" was the one with blackstar and the polar bear. to be honest with you, i think blackstar should've considered cutting out the polar bear and letting foxleap keep it
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