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12/9/2014 c2 ivanganev1992
And what happends next , please update that too .
12/9/2014 c3 ivanganev1992
Well this is new . I think Spyro is the dragon antseseter of Danny and Daneline. Cynder reminds me Sam(antha) which is maybe as I said part of Daneline . That malfeor could be teached from Danny(Dark Dan) or Plazmius .
Anyway what happends next ? And will the halfas learn someway that somehow with their ice element and provably others somehow he could heal even serioustly unheable wounds , unkown for lost limb but still like seered tendors and nerves that in normal surcustation it could't heal or hard healing woulnds could be mutch faster , exept for the efect that exausts a lot .
That may not be learned in some stories or some of the unshowed powes , or the shown ones .
12/9/2014 c1 ivanganev1992
It's a joke but Dany and daneline)(Dani) are some kind of brother and sister themy are also talking in the same time sometimes , so the joke is that they are one of the most powerfull ghosts expect provably potentially even more powerfull , but with that taling in the same time are also like human zippleback (two but in that case the zippleback is splitted in 2 personalyties)
Plus the potential info that Dani is provably Dany's unkown son from his DNA and Sam's Douther modifyed DNA . Still that potential thing caused problems , And Sam has latent ghost form powers contronning the polants lke the ones she had when she was controlled from Undergrowth . The same powers or simmilar and of course Sam absoluetly controls herself and her powers more or less partly deepending of her mood .

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