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1/4 c63 1wbfanatic4eva
I really enjoyed this story! Love that there are still people out there willing to keep Roswell alive with their stories! Max and Liz were always the heart of Roswell for me, so as long as they're in a story, I'm in! I LOVED that Alex was such a crucial part of this story, he was so underused in the original that it still breaks my heart. The characters I found myself missing the most were Kyle and Isabel, they always add a decent amount of humor. But even for missing them, this story was absolute perfection! So glad they got their happy ending! I hope you continue writing, you're very talented!
1/4 c56 wbfanatic4eva
That Max and Alex talk was the sweetest! I loved that Alex was willing to shave Max! Shows the bounds of their friendship! Also, loved the conversation he had with Max about Liz! Can't wait for the first time he calls her Liz!
1/3 c46 wbfanatic4eva
Loved this chapter. Loved how caring Liz was with Max and how certain she was that he would never hurt her. The ending makes me a little nervous. But I'm hoping the "anything his addict mind could want" is Liz herself because he's fallen hopelessly in love. Can't wait to see if I'm right!
1/3 c45 wbfanatic4eva
Loved this chapter! Reminded me so much of Max and Liz after he escaped the White Room! I hate to see Max like this though! Now, I'm a bit dubious about them going to John...
1/3 c44 wbfanatic4eva
This was going to be my last chapter, now I'm nervous and MUST read on!
1/3 c43 wbfanatic4eva
Loved Max getting all the flashes of Liz' life. Sad they missed each other though ... I've been nervous about John from the beginning. Was really hoping he was a good guy. Still hoping I'm right!
1/3 c42 wbfanatic4eva
Love that when Max tells people the truth no one believes him. Also LOVE that you brought the hacker back up, and him trying to get to Max's file actually helped Max by bringing John along!
1/3 c30 wbfanatic4eva
Max is free! Even if it's only briefly, but now I'm worried about John! Can't wait for Max and Liz to realize their feelings for each other!
1/3 c21 wbfanatic4eva
"Still scrawny, still grinning as if he were fifteen and not twenty-eight" This line broke my heart, because our Alex from the show would never make it to twenty-eight!
1/3 c19 wbfanatic4eva
My heart just broke for Max. I was really hoping Frank was a good guy for his sake!
1/3 c12 wbfanatic4eva
Aww even just this brief glimpse of Maria was perfection! Reminded me EXACTLY what I love about their friendship!
1/3 c10 wbfanatic4eva
Just started reading this! This is also one of my favorite chapters! I love how Liz is realizing there's so much more to him than what she thought. And that while he might be "different" he's still human! (Or at least should be treat as such!)
8/1/2019 c57 8airauralintensity
AHHHH! i binged this story for the 3rd time, and i need to know about this rescue mission! also, can i just say that i love how much of a role alex has in your story? he was so underutilised in the show, it makes me hppy to see his potential (both for the plot and to balance out characterisations). love love love it! can't wait for your next update :)
10/1/2018 c57 7kkcnelson2002
Nice to see a new chapter, hope your muse is back to stay!
7/29/2018 c1 SamLovesRoswell
Just finished reading your story. You are really talented, I loved it and hope you continue writing because you are amazing!
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