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8/11 c7 SMB
Yeah, and it sucks even more than this one with half the words. A copy of a copy is still a copy.
8/11 c6 SMB
WTF happened to his magical barrier and all his health? Fuck you for following canon like I knew you would. Issei still gets gutshot and fake dies again. Stop being a pussy and write your own story plot.
8/11 c3 SMB
His HP dropped after becoming wiser, moRon. 680 to 590. Not worth getting smarter if you slowly die.
8/11 c1 SMB
What a horrible thief you are. Almost word for word with canon, you cheating asshole. Everything but the end was the same. You could have skipped writing all of that crap out and started with the end. Let's see how far your plagiarism goes.
1/15/2022 c7 Appolyon
This version was better.
10/8/2019 c7 Talon5Krrde
So, is that going to be a New Game ?

That way he will remember this?
9/25/2017 c1 Yifto
I wasn't gonna read this fix since it would mark my 10 th gamer issei story in a row but that story pic tho.
3/13/2017 c7 SonOfNenji
Game over man, GAME OVER!

Isshin is dead, gg thx no re!

3/31/2016 c3 Riki Eligos
3/31/2016 c2 Riki Eligos
3/31/2016 c1 Riki Eligos
1/8/2016 c1 Royal Blue Phoenix
1/6/2016 c3 5Son of the morning
12/22/2015 c7 Shirosaki Kizuro
Is it because Issei died that u decide to rewrite the story?
12/22/2015 c6 Shirosaki Kizuro
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