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11/4/2014 c3 2Zev06
Nice chapter, but why at the end before Issei spends some of his attribute points does his HP show 680/680 and then after he spends his points his HP goes down to 590/590?
11/4/2014 c4 3hattuteline
It's a good start and HS DxD seems like a good fit for The Gamer. I can't really comment on much since there's so little of the story written, but I expect that the story will unfold just fine from here on out. The only thing that might be a slight annoyance is how the narrator and Issei are entwined and need constant self-policing to keep themselves from being completely mixed up. On the other hand that's something that would be more of a problem in a published work and I'm not sure if a freeform crossover story can or should be critiqued for something like that. A second point that annoys me in almost every Gamer crossover is that the MC is given too much help. Help is boring and makes for bad stories. You should make the help menu consist of something like "You thought you'd find answers here? Tough luck." Having the MC wander in blindly to dangerous situations makes for a much more interesting read. The precognitive quest windows also fall into this category.
11/2/2014 c4 Malix2
Great story. I'm really enjoying it. 4 chapters in like two months. I suppose that's not too bad, I've seen a lot worse. I like these video game fics. I've only seen the anime version of Highschool DxD, will this be based on the manga or anime? Also will you be adding some original content like quests and such as filler? Hmm, that memory erasure ability might come in handy, although I'm guessing that might be a high-level spell and require high INT, since wiping memories can't really be that easy and still be safe. Then again it's magic so maybe. Depends on whether you want him to have it yet. It's good that you're making this a bit more serious without completely losing the humor. If you tried to make Issei a totally serious non-pervert well it just wouldn't be the same. Plus you kinda need humor for this kind of fic. It is good to see he's not a complete idiot anymore though. No healing spells but then again it was a book on black magic and there will be a healer character later on. At least he has a nice recovery and training method for WIS and Spirit in meditation. So will he begin grinding soon?
11/2/2014 c4 3maleficus-lupus
*finishes reading all 4 chapters* This is going to be interesting.
11/1/2014 c4 588mph
Really liked this. It was hard for me to read the light novels because issei is such an idiot. It is made worse when you have to read the story in first person. But you had him put points in wisdom right away and made him nice to read in first person. Good job!

I look forward to more.
11/1/2014 c2 Rakaan
Very promising start!
11/1/2014 c4 Nick1111
I love it do funny when is the next update
10/31/2014 c4 warslick
I love gamer type stories and so far this one looks great. I can already see the differences between the anime/manga and this in how he is interacting with others based on his need to fulfill quests. I will say that having his screens visible to his the rest of the peerage is interesting and pretty unique. I do wonder how that aspect is going to come into play in future chapters. I cannot wait to read more of this story.
10/29/2014 c3 Error found
In chapter 3 towards the end when Issei puts points into his wisdom/spirit stats he goes from 680hp to 590. Why, exactly, would he lose 90hp by *increasing* his stats?
10/31/2014 c4 3tomy98
What will he use the money for, for stripers? Any way its a good story
10/30/2014 c4 1Bobboky
10/28/2014 c4 ESBA
Very interesting, please do continue writing this.
10/30/2014 c4 Shin XIX
It is interesting and funny the dialogue between Draig and Issei.

There are several things who make sense like "why is the peeping hole not sealed?".

My favorite scene is when Rias asks why there are screens who appeared out of nowhere before Issei. Don't worry Rias you are not insane. xD
10/30/2014 c4 2Kail Blade
Always up for another gamer fic, but the extra spaces are a little annoying. Like when you go " How are you ? " instead of "How are you?" - Just looks better visually without the extra. Interesting fic though, hope you don't run out of steam like nearly all other gamer fics
10/29/2014 c4 1SpecH82T
Hehe this is quite interesting, better name for his errand quest would have been: slave work for the redheaded bitch!
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