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for Lightning Dragon's Roar

6/11 c11 Eragon135790
really like how harry handled this, i mean i always wondered why he went to the detentions that he got without a real reason.
6/11 c6 Eragon135790
really ginny, seeing more than just the boy who lived? what's wrong with harry? otherwise like the ff so far.
6/11 c5 Eragon135790
too true, playing in politics every now and then is fun. really like the ff.
6/11 c3 Eragon135790
ok, like really liekd the chapter, hope harry wont forgive ron and hermione as easily as in cannon(though i would be happy if he didnt forgive haermione and ron(mainly ron because he was an ass before the first task so there it's easier)).
6/11 c2 Eragon135790
you know, pictures of injuries, deaths... are actually worse than seeing it in RL(at least that's my experience) dont know why it is that way but yeah, anyway really liked the chapter, hope harry will loose the inhibitions he has about killing soon.
6/11 c1 Eragon135790
ok, intresting start, what would intrest me is, is harry going to be havong his saving people thing, if yes will he loose it, alignment, you know stuff like that owuld be really intresting to know(find out).
6/4 c70 explosiveteddy
You have got to be kidding me. I just finished in persuit of magic, left a review telling you I love the story and you need to update more, and then I checked your profile for something else to read when I realised, I've read almost all of them already! Update more god damnit!
5/29 c17 30GreenTea4062
Nooo why Ginny?
5/13 c1 Daniel-palacio
Jajaja era genial la historia amigo Incluso me hiciste buscar la canción está genial XD
5/12 c1 4Ironmchfn
This will be interesting. Not a big fan of stargate i don't hate it but I'm not in love with it but who knows you might pull this off
5/12 c9 Alex Rueda Segura
the breaker is cool
5/9 c5 yrlastin
Kill Them All...is what I think!
5/7 c16 25Abyssal Angel
You: "Think logically, if a girl/guy came to you right now and said that they wanted to fuck you, would you really say no?"

Me: "Yes. For several personal reasons. But still, putting that aside, would I if I were in Harry's shoes? Yes. Because it's a pretty dick move to fuck another girl when you're trying to actively date another. Might as well wear a sign proclaiming "LIKELY TO CHEAT ON YOU IN THE FUTURE!" in big bold letters, and I respect myself and my future partner enough to not destroy my own self worth like that."
5/1 c36 HighF
Wow some very good ideas in this one. Love the guild idea. I also love that you are actually holding up your side and getting the crossovers in. Keep up the good work!
5/2 c57 HighF
Good start to a new arc!
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