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for Lightning Dragon's Roar

2/9 c1 Cruz 1988
Is this complete or will it be updated anytime soon just asking incase i decide to read it again cause i read a little af this a year ago
1/4 c10 mcgaughydd
What a great story!
12/23/2023 c31 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 31: In which Harry falls down a hole
12/23/2023 c30 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 31: Harry's evil sword is quite talkative
12/23/2023 c29 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 29: In which Harry gets busy with the dementor's Daddy
12/23/2023 c28 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 28: In which Tristan's Ex kills a dog
12/22/2023 c27 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 27: in which Harry feeds a deity his balls
12/22/2023 c26 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 26: in which Harry drops his girlfriend to go gallivanting across Italy with her brother
12/22/2023 c25 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 25: in which a 4chan user does what is called a "pro gamer move" and leaked secret government intel (Harry of course downloads it)
12/22/2023 c24 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 24: Voldemort Dude, can you stop stalking me? that's really gay
12/22/2023 c23 Martin-di-Arcov
Chapter 23: Quirrel's hotter cousin
12/22/2023 c22 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 22: Merry *Lightning Dragon's Roar* you filthy animal
12/22/2023 c21 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 21: What happens to a Death eater when it's struck by lightning? the same that happens to everything else

(such a fucking dumb quote...) amazing chapter btw, loved the battle-y bits
12/22/2023 c20 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 20: We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of The Burrow
12/22/2023 c18 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 18: In which a baby challenges Harry for a (videogame) duel to the death
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