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9/26 c70 ironspike68
Ugg… I really expected the story to finish before the sequel kicked in. The story has been good, though, so I’ll be sure to mark it as a favorite.

9/23 c70 3musashi566
When you realize the author is thinking of doing a rewrite on ASoIFaL, and it's not complete... this story will never be continued if he stuck to what he said in this note.
9/21 c30 ironspike68
Jumping in here to say this has been a very interesting and well written combination of HP and various gaming systems/models.

And obviously the mention of the Doorway to Heaven was not made by accident.
9/20 c23 ironspike68
Wow! This is why I love finding an older story that’s really good. The battle of the mindscape, followed by the Death Eaters and now the Sex Kitten from Hell? Fantastic! The use of different methods and the unlikely combined forces is amazing. Though this will give V a good idea of what Harry can do and will keep him from underestimating him in whatever battle comes.

Looking forward to more!
9/19 c17 ironspike68
I wasn’t sure I was going to like this story as I’m not a big anime or gaming fan, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

While I don’t usually comment on older stories till I’m caught up (or done), the scene with Harry & Bal discussing the broom closet episode and then his apology to Ginny seriously made me laugh out loud!

Also liking how Neville is getting some respect. Very interesting.

Looking forward to reading the rest, then the sequel that was what actually caught my eye.

8/20 c1 Hank1967
Really like what you did with Dudley and Harry there! Glad to see old Dudders growing into a better human being!
8/7 c1 archangelazraelson
umbridgegood morning students I'm happy to see all your smiling faces today:

me: I turn around to the class and sayand this is why the old saying of that's a face only a mother could love does not apply to case "A" right in front of me. and also this proves the dangers of mating with animals or in this particular case amphibians... class shall we disect it's brain in some way to see if it's intelligent or in some way provoke a response? multiple hands go in air... I look to umbridge. damn they hate your guts been nice knowing you.
7/3 c1 3hellz swordsman
Hey mate will we be getting more of this story? I really want to see where it's going
6/29 c18 SoSoLazy
6/29 c11 SoSoLazy
6/29 c7 SoSoLazy
Ah, the influence of internet
6/27 c5 Belthazor2
So far I haven't read anything I read a hundred times before. Still the writing is of decent quality. What would make it special if Harry actually grows a pair and actually fights like he means it. Most fiction keeps it on a kiddie level. You don't stun your opponent in a war.
6/19 c4 Face Yourself
He... he shouted the name of the 'attack.' My ability to take this seriously just dropped to nothing. :P Well, he is 14 at this point, after all. I suppose cringe is to be expected.
6/12 c10 NarutoUchiha242567
Umbitch: good afternoon students

me: it was until we saw you
3/9 c33 majikss
im not sure about this arc about being in the lab
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