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for Lightning Dragon's Roar

3/20 c58 2AvidReader2425
Another really awesome and very fun chapter.
3/20 c57 AvidReader2425
Another really fun and entertaining chapter
3/20 c56 AvidReader2425
Awesome, I’m very excited for the Stargate section of the story.
3/20 c55 AvidReader2425
That was one hell of a fight, and now I’m curious on what kind of affect the final spell of someone like Voldemort could be
3/20 c54 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome ending, very fun to see his weird mom lol, and certainly one hell of a twist with a discovery of his father still being alive.
3/20 c53 AvidReader2425
It would be a little funny if he end up, killing, grayback, and not even realizing it lol
3/20 c52 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome dragon fight
3/20 c51 AvidReader2425
I wonder if she could copy any of the techniques in Naruto, the wind techniques, or even better, any of the vacuum techniques? The wind calamity is a great no to Fanfiction to take some inspiration from in regards to wind based abilities.
3/20 c50 AvidReader2425
Ranma! Thanks for another fun chapter
3/20 c49 AvidReader2425
I wonder if you could just ask the goblins for the one in Bellatrix vault?
3/20 c48 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another excellent chapter. I wonder if there would be anything in the fortress of solitude that could benefit Harry?
3/20 c47 AvidReader2425
Well, trying to match the strength of superman is almost never a good idea, and Clark Kent just showed exactly why lol
3/20 c46 AvidReader2425
Another awesome fight on the horizon
3/20 c45 AvidReader2425
Do I suddenly hear some metal doom music starting? Let the blood and guts spill fourth, rip and tear until it is done.
3/20 c44 AvidReader2425
lol. I wonder if the deathly hallows will have any importance later in the story other than being powerful artifacts? Anyway, thanks for another great chapter.
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