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for Lightning Dragon's Roar

3/20 c43 2AvidReader2425
Another excellent chapter, thanks
3/20 c42 AvidReader2425
About to lay waste to death eater trash
3/20 c41 AvidReader2425
Another really great chapter, thanks
3/20 c40 AvidReader2425
Another really awesome chapter, and I’d rather humorous statement about health freezing over, considering he made his way there
3/20 c39 AvidReader2425
Loving, the almost brotherly relationship between Henry and Clark in the story. Excited to see how things develop further, especially with Clark’s help.
3/20 c38 AvidReader2425
Another very fun chapter, thanks. I suppose he needs to find a balance between leathal force and mercy.
3/20 c37 AvidReader2425
Great chapter
3/20 c36 AvidReader2425
Another very fun chapter
3/20 c35 AvidReader2425
Thanks for the great chapter
3/20 c34 AvidReader2425
Awesome chapter
3/20 c33 AvidReader2425
You always have to love, Martha Kent
3/20 c32 AvidReader2425
Definitely an interesting and great chapter and I’m very curious on what he was injected with, and I’m also glad his familiar was fine.
3/20 c31 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome boss moment from Harry
3/20 c30 AvidReader2425
He has one hell of a fight in his future, lol
3/20 c29 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome new sword
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