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for Lightning Dragon's Roar

3/20 c28 2AvidReader2425
Thanks for another awesome chapter
3/20 c27 AvidReader2425
Mortal Kombat! Cue the music lol. Or maybe start the heavy-metal doom music would be better.
3/20 c26 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome chapter
3/20 c23 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome boss moment from Harry, and quite the unexpected team up
3/20 c22 AvidReader2425
I wonder if he can learn to create a highly strong negative charge in the middle of a storm like this in order to call down natural lightning to him
3/20 c21 AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome fight and lightning dragon roar, loved it!
3/20 c20 AvidReader2425
Definitely another entertaining chapter, I’ve actually heard of the game crisis and even played it, not much of a gamer, but I have a few that I’ve gone through lol. Currently going through Elden ring and that’s an awesome game.
3/20 c16 AvidReader2425
lol, I would definitely say no, that would be way too damn suspicious for me. Thanks for another, entertaining chapter.
3/19 c7 AvidReader2425
lol, that really is a funny image of Voldemort writing
3/13 c26 Guest
Yeah, this falls off hard after Lilith showed up. Luckily it's only for one very preventable reason. Plot vomit. Things just happened without development or reason, devoid of even the semblance of a smooth transition. Yeah, there's no plot holes, but you went immediately from preparing for war, to war, to suddenly coldemort is summoning sex demons in the middle of battle, family magic is everywhere, and mortal enemies are working together without building any kind of real impressions of characters you kept introducing.

2 things to work on:

Character establishment, and

Foreboding imagery.

For example, had you described whatever ritual voldemort was performing during the battle, emphasized the Dementors' reactions, adding new details that keep interrupting the battle or distracting Harry or Dumbledore, there would have been a build up to give Lilith a real presence in the scene instead of reading like a drunken stumble from one development to the next.
2/9 c1 Cruz 1988
Is this complete or will it be updated anytime soon just asking incase i decide to read it again cause i read a little af this a year ago
1/4 c10 mcgaughydd
What a great story!
12/23/2023 c31 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 31: In which Harry falls down a hole
12/23/2023 c30 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 31: Harry's evil sword is quite talkative
12/23/2023 c29 Martin-di-Arcov
chapter 29: In which Harry gets busy with the dementor's Daddy
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