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7/16 c25 23dretnoth
Well... It take me some time, but i finally read it all. Thank you for posting at last this. I feel a little guilt that I, maybe... caused the end of developing of this story. But you dint respond when i tried to reach you. Maybe i shall mentioned that I am not that big fan of reading from screen and that i print out you story, make a book of it, and read it all that way. And now totally 3 book volumes of BSS the insert capitol at the back of second, are on my shelf. So i like it, thank you again for making it.
6/2 c25 friasjilliane28
I was happy seeing BSS getting updated after all these years but seeing the A/N made me sad, but hey its life. After watching the htoaru series and kuroko being my favorite I tried finding good fanfics where shes the lead and I found your destined introduction and damn It was so good especially when it was made in
2010-2011 and since then I read all of your writings and saw you last posted in 2018 (?) i still had hope that you'd post some day so I kept checking until I forgot
about it, but now that I saw you update and last update is BSS it left a bittersweet feeling, I really loved all of your story I still kinda wished you'd still update one day. I hope you have a great life with your family man thanks for remembering this fic and send one last chap after all these years
5/2 c25 Pleased fan
Whilst I can’t say this wouldn’t have benefited from some editing, I can’t thank you enough for posting it.

So many authors vanish leaving no explanation of what have happened, unfinished work or notes on what would have resulted is so much better!
4/26 c25 DieJohnnys
I really Love this Story, nice to get an update
And your Idea collection at the end was way too funny xD
4/13 c25 6Phoenix 7.49
The return of the king.
4/12 c25 2Ravel Ole
A little sad that we won't see the conclusion, but it's looks like you had fun planning the story! You are a great story writer.

My one criticism is how confusing the plot got due to its length, but some people like that, so take it as you will.

I do think you are one of the best contributors to the Toaru fics and look forward to any future stories regardless of fandom from you. Even if it turns out that you've decide not to write anymore, I wish you all the best in your endeavours.
4/12 c25 Guest
I was so happy to see the update in my mailbox but after finding out there won't be anymore update, I'm sad again. But I understand, life is busy. It was a fun ride. If you ever decide to write again, I'll always be waiting. Thank you for your wonderful work.
5/18/2021 c24 Guest
Just finished reread this story. Thanks for your hardwork. Hope you and everyone to stay safe :D
10/31/2020 c1 Kasu
I still haven’t given up on this updating
10/21/2020 c24 Guest
This story is just fantastic, beautiful, funny ... It's just perfect in every way, it's been 2 years and I'm still waiting for the next chapter. I have read this story countless times and still hope you will update it soon :)
7/28/2020 c24 Guest
Still waiting for updates... :)
7/4/2020 c24 1AlLenaLeeWalkerXD
I cant! The story is just really amazing!
7/4/2020 c24 AlLenaLeeWalkerXD
Damn. Thats one hell of a cliffhanger hahahaha sadly, its been so long. I guess. You just stopped. It was a great ride. Even unfinished. So many unanswered questions. I love it. Hope you could at least give it a last chapter for finale or something. Still hoping for update in-spite the long years of no update.
7/3/2020 c6 AlLenaLeeWalkerXD
Do vampires stay sane after turning?
7/3/2020 c4 AlLenaLeeWalkerXD
Hahahahah! Mikoto is defeated by shrimps!
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