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5/9/2016 c13 8Skarlashka
I love backstory arcs like this. I re-read this all over again and I'll never get tired of it!
No matter which situation/ setting it is, your first meet Kuroko x Mikoto are always wonderful to read.
Amazing work Cun, keep going! :D
4/4/2016 c12 Maisalun
after "She's… got an incredible -" Mikoto entry kkk
4/1/2016 c12 13Dash24zappshift
I like the start of this chapter *grins*
Nothing is more better than Mikoto and Kuroko having ***
Then we arrive at Mikoto and Kuroko's past! Thank you saten-san for giving such a valuable question!
I too! Would like to know how they met. It's intriguing if I say so myself!
I would like to see the progress of their meeting author-san!
The ending was quite amusing to watch~
I am itching for a new chapter! Hopefully more adventures of Kuroko and Mikoto!
Ciao! Hope you update soon :D
3/30/2016 c12 20omaomae
LOLOLOL the Sailor Moon character cameos are gold. At first I started reading this story for the lols, but now it's one of the better Raildex stories that I can find. Great writing and now even the potential plot is pulling me further in. Update soon :D
3/30/2016 c12 CesarBorgia
kuroko puuf belivppuf minako-babaahaushuah vamppppppuuff kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
3/30/2016 c12 2Zivyx
LOL Kuroko's first encounter with Mikoto seems interesting
3/30/2016 c12 Guest
Loving the Kuroko focused chapter her story is sounding interesting. I look forward to seeing g how this back story plot plays out . Keep up the amazing work.
3/30/2016 c12 1ilovefreakininfos
lol I've been waiting for this! And their first meeting... poor Kuroko stunned by Mikoto's overflowing attractiveness XD I'm really looking forward for the next chapter!
3/30/2016 c12 12Raineh Daze
Kuroko's back to being human(ish), hurrah. Saten needs lots of stitches...

Talk about love at first sight, huh? "Don't fall for her don't fall for her CURSES"
3/30/2016 c12 manticore-gurl071134
Great update. Gad saten is as alive as she can be right now, and its nice to see how kuroko and mikoto met.
3/30/2016 c12 8Skarlashka
Ahhh yessss, volume 2 is officially out! Indeed, even better stuff will start to happen now~
After all the drama and angst at the end of volume 1, this chapter is such a peaceful read.
Still can't believe you thought of putting in Minako from Sailor Moon (and time-travelling granny chibiusa, haha XDD you even added in Mamoru and Kou Yaten?!). Plus, Starch Sucks made me laugh. There is so much creativity in this work, it's mind-blowing!
Can't wait for moooore, and see Kuroko's final "nooooo" to transform into a blissful "yesssss"! :D
3/21/2016 c11 Reikonwolf
Man you sure are updating fast these days! Not that I don't like it of course~ Haha XD I'm LOVIN these chapters!
I don't know if this makes sense, but when I saw this update, I sorta...avoided it. Not because it wasn't good, because it was too good LOL I was saving it for later even though I was dying to see what happened next and what would happen with Saten (lol unintentional pun haha ha heh...awkward 0_0)
Anyways you have a way with suspense and fight scenes my friend *thumbs up* Especially this last chapter. I don't know how you made it so fast paced because I absolutely cannot manage the flow of a story like that haha.
But phew! That was a roller coaster ride for sure. I mean with Saten's internal struggle and the whole tension with Styil. God why did you have to end the chapters with Kuroko mortally wounded, then Saten mortally wounded...ugh ROLLER COASTER XD
Well I did expect that you wouldn't kill the main characters so soon, now would you? And I hope not at all...Lol
C-Can I just mention something?...Seto Kaiba? LOL That blatant reference with the Blue Eyes White Dragon appearing randomly and Kuroko not understanding haha hilarious XD He's already killed off tho lol.
Wow the end of Volume 1 already. (Why the volumes? Cuz it sounds cool! LOL) Still so many unanswered questions tho...Guess I'll have to wait for Volume 2 then haha )/
Looking forward to the next update!
3/19/2016 c11 13Dash24zappshift
Wait. So saten is a vamp now? WEEOH? Now this chapter is entertaining.
ANd I thought for sure that Kuroko will be all sucked if Mikoto had a limitbreak.
Luckily your still alive Kuroko! xD
I slightly pity Kuroko throughout this chapter xD
Like she's already injures, still a wolf and she encountered an enemy like. LOL.
Uiharu suddenly became BAD-ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS All dem spirits looming around eh?
Wanna see more about this...spiritual spells of hers~
Mikoto also had the HUGE GUTS to not be an insane berserker! Proud of you bro xD

I seriously can't wait for the next chapter. I mean I read this like 2 days ago but I had no time to review xD Forgive me. Hopefully the next one would be...absolutely interesting~
3/18/2016 c11 1ilovefreakininfos
Waaahhh you're mixing a lot of things in this XD And I find it great!
3/18/2016 c11 8Skarlashka
I was soooooo happy to see this published after coming back home from a long day :D
Welcome back to Mikoto's harem Saten-san~ I will never ever tire of reading this story (or anything you write in general). Keep it up Cun! Can't wait to see Volume 2 out there for the fans!
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