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for Blood, Souls and Sausages

9/28/2018 c10 5DschingisKhan
There's a certain catharsis when characters stop being so anime and actually TALK to each other. Of course, some knob or another keeps coming along to screw things up here. I really wish they'd stop...
8/28/2018 c24 DuckedHard
Loving this story. I really do hope it'll get another update at some point!
8/15/2018 c24 4blackshade9
Oh dude, I am filled with such sorrow this hasn't updated in 6 months after this cliffhanger.
5/14/2018 c24 reader99
I love this so so much. I'm hoping Mikoto pulls a "power of friendship" type thing next chapter and overcomes migunos hold on her.

I want them all to live and that's the best way i can see right now, basically. XD

Even if that doesn't happen, I'm so super freaking excited that you're continuing and i look forward to whatever the next chapter might hold!

I love this story so much :D thank you for writing and sharing!
2/16/2018 c23 19dretnoth
Im so glad you continue this.

Frstly i have problem to get how they get on second floor when they we have thinking they are under ground and ding walk out to Index Cathedral.

Second the scene:
when full moon take the spell on...
and furry has grown...
then hungry growl has been heard...
followed whit maiden yelp (scream)...
then *wosh* and *cromst* has take place...
and minute lather?:...
wolfs wine on Moon i hear...

Kuroko: Hmmm. On the of on trophic... Isint this taste a little to friendly? ...or its unfriendly? ...what dit you say Frenda? ... Oh...
2/13/2018 c24 mouse
So happy to hear you're not dead :P and that there's more coming. This is one of my favourite fics, it's always so exciting and entertaining. Can't wait to see more
2/11/2018 c24 2Measured Kindness
Been waiting ages for this! I don't have the time to refresh this fic in my mind but I will review this chapter a bit more after I've done that. I just want to get this outta my head first! I'm so excited!
2/11/2018 c24 Measured Kindness
Been waiting ages for this! I don't have the time to refresh this fic in my mind but I will review this chapter a bit more after I've done that. I just want to get this outta my head first! I'm so excited!
2/11/2018 c24 AladdinlSane
Great chapter
2/10/2018 c24 Jordan


THE BOMB CAME BACK GOSH DANG. I had a feeling it wasn't done yet, but I was being hopeful. And hey! It came back in a good way :D Mostly. I want to know what kuroko did to frenda XD. Probably murder.

OH SNAP THO! Mugino bonded mikoto? Probably a half-vamp thing? But i'm thinking it's not perfect. There's gotta be a way for my faves to win, right? XD

I love this story so much. SO FRICKIN MUCH. It's amazing.
1/27/2018 c23 Jordan
Okay, good, bomb threat reduced.

Omg. I can't. Mikoto is being tortured, kuroko is fighting frenda... saten and uiharu are somewhere dirty. Possibly being chased. Also the girl who says super is one of my favorite characters. Can i remember her name right now? No. But i still love her!

Mikoto is the far and away fave though. I kind of want her to also still look like mikoto by the end of this but the torture sounds kind of like she might be missing parts. *crosses fingers* Just let her live, o author god. I beseech thee. XD

And oooh! I forgot to comment on it but it's also super interesting that mikoto might be a half vampire? Or was before? If she's still a half vampire that would explain a lot. My brain just was like "what if her vampire father was accelerator" and i don't know how i feel about that. On the one hand, Awesome! (And is he in those caverns as a side note?) On the other hand... WHAT. Also Saten is a vampire after all. I realized i didn't comment on that too. But the half vampire thing would explain... Like her being able to drink other vampires blood and having more control over not feeding.


I LOVE this story. I'm gonna definitely fave and follow when i log in. I tend to follow even completed stories. Idk why.

In any case, i will hold out hope for this one updating for sure! It's kind of exciting to come across a story that's not complete because i tend to pick complete ones in the first place and yell belated praises. Now i get to yell real - time praises!

Gosh the world feels so real and big and immersive. All of the characters somehow feel so true to form even in such a different setting. The fight scenes are epic as ever! The plot is compelling. Ahhhkhsfjfsfj It's such a well written story. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Predictions: (because i just like to) Saten and uiharu are the ones to find mikoto even though kuroko is probably right there. Mugino i think probably ends up leaving the room with her chained up to either deal with kuroko or actually to go down to the party. Kuroko wins the fight with frenda but something happens with the werewolf thing because of the full moon. Kuroko possibly gets nearly killed by mugino. Oh no... Kuroko gets taken to the party and people start drinking from her? And go crazy! At least one somebody is going to drink from her and go crazy. Dear God mugino does not need that. The snow globe from before becomes important somehow? For kuroko with the full moon, maybe? While mugino is gone, Saten and uiharu free mikoto. I'm torn about the prediction for that because i feel like mikoto is going to do something really stupid in the course of this. Maybe this is when she discovers she suddenly has mock-holy lightning now? Mugino is going to leave her half tortured still though, i can see it. Which means she's gotta drink blood to heal and regain strength and HOPEFULLY REATTACH EVERYTHING. If kuroko finds her instead of Saten and uiharu then i see the most crazy if she gets high on the black blood. Otherwise... idk if she could drink from uiharu? Maybe the bad taste for others is that uiharu is in mikoto's pack which kind of makes sense but also really doesn't. Ahhhhhhhh so many possibilities and i like a lot of them.

I love this story so much. Thank you. And i am crying xD
1/27/2018 c22 Jordan
I'm on mobile and can't see what stories are marked as... I'm getting a horrible sinking feeling that next chapter is not the end. *keyboard smash* ohmygod

"She wasn't even paying attention to what she was writing and suddenly she realized the paper was filled with sausages, sausages, sausages. Her eyes grew wide in horror. Am I possessed by the sausage devil!?"

Thank you kuroko for being SO DAMN FUNNY OMFG.

It almost helps me forget that mikoto is currently being tortured and there's a bomb that's probably going to kill everyone because i don't really think Saten destroyed it.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This story is so good. I think i might cry if next chapter doesn't resolve something.
1/27/2018 c21 Jordan
There are only two chapters left... what true motives? Oh no.

Also i forgot to mention it but I really like the incorporation of satens power.

Im hoping mikoto has new powers from incorporating the silicon burst now, after what happened with the sword. It would serve mugino right.

ALSO NOW THEY'RE GOING TO THE PLACE WITH THE BOMB! My only condition is mikoto living and now I'm quite worried about her... this is going to be something.
1/27/2018 c20 Jordan
"After one and a half eternity, three cups of coffee, a staring match with the mannequin which made Kuroko feel like she was drowning in her own mind, one sweat-drenched napkin and a thousand fingertappings against the armrest, they were finally called in." Best description of waiting that there ever was.

Also the last part xD

I like that uiharu was the one to go rescue Saten. Now to get her back in her body and them to FINALLY CONFESS THEIR FEELINGS

Also omg daisy. I like how things tie together
1/27/2018 c19 Jordan
NOT MUCH HAPPENS?! A lot happens! So much building tension and suspense!

I really really really like this chapter. I love the story.

I'm so excited! What will happen next?
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