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for Blood, Souls and Sausages

1/27/2018 c18 Jordan

"Was it that odd for her to prefer the company of humans? Or even better, no one at all?" Mikoto you poor darling oh my god.

Also that's totally cheating mugino. Now i really want mikoto to wreck you. And it's probably for the best that you never made it to this city before now holy shit.

I loved this chapter
1/27/2018 c17 Jordan
"Nunotaba, whose mother may just have been one of those fish," omfg

This is so good. I can't even
1/27/2018 c16 Jordan
Yes! That shopping was fun.

Oh mugino... mikoto is too good for you. I kind of want her to drain you of blood and kill you though, becoming ever stronger in the process.

And this story has had a plot since uiharu and the book. I think we're about to get to the real meat of it now though.

"besides, you need to make sure Uiharu is okay. I don't think I'll be able to relax if she's only got a perverted dog to look after her." I meant to comment on this last chapter but LOL

I like where this is headed and I'm super excited for the next chapter!
1/27/2018 c15 Jordan
Your world building is amazing! It feels so real.

Also omg i love how you're incorporating the characters. Kiyama and nunotaba fit perfectly xD

Can we see the shopping next chapter? Lollll. Never thought i would ask for that but i have the feeling it's not boring with mikoto involved. If not, that's okay too. (Yes i know its all already written.)

I liked this chapter! Also yes mikoto let's explore the city!
1/27/2018 c14 Jordan
I kind of want to know the whole story about queen beryl now... I'm hoping mikoto will tell us? If not then there's enough pieces to get an idea I'm just a curious person and want to know all of the things.

Mikoto is so nice and good? I love her.

I like this chapter!
1/27/2018 c13 Jordan
I just... i love this so much
1/27/2018 c12 Jordan
YES BACKSTORY! And omfg kuroko.

I guess Saten is more of a zombie then?

Ahhhhh what happens next? So excited
1/27/2018 c11 Jordan
Volume to your heart's content! I like it.

"Surround the octopus! Protect the flying dog!" I just... i love these sentences like this. I'm never expecting them and they appear and it helps cut the tension a bit.

Okay, so... Saten is a zombie or a vampire? I now understand where the souls part comes in.

I just... i love mikoto so much? And i almost love this one more? Because I'm a sucker ( .) for vampires that don't kill. They make human friends and only take enough blood to survive and kill other vampires and i love them. I want to knew what makes her special, if that comes up, but I'd also take getting enough information to form a headcanon. I also wanna know who turned her xD.

Kuroko getting stuck in wolf form is great. Idk fully why it happened but i love it just the same.

This chapter was great as always!
1/26/2018 c9 Jordan
"Feeling like the world was betraying her she leaned down and slowly started licking the fish, trying not to cry in the process. It's so good! Why is it so good!"

Wolf! kuroko is a treasure.

I kind of hate how I'm disliking Saten now. Like, its all a sensible progression. I just... wish i could forgive her. If she goes through with this plan though. I don't think i can. Poor uiharu. Poor Saten too tbh.

*rocks back and forth in the corner* "Don't be choosy. Don't be choosy. Focus on mikoto. It'll all be okay if she is." *continues rocking and muttering*

I still love this story. I dont think anything could actually make me not love it. I have to go to sleep now though. XD the self - induced cliff hangerrrrrrr. Whyyyyy.
1/26/2018 c8 Jordan
"Don't teleport; sausage, don't teleport; sausage!" Fucking kuroko. I NEARLY choked.

I'm continuously amazed by how this has such good plot and characterization because its so light hearted at points. Not that they're mutually exclusive, but it's got a really silly feel at points and then suddenly there's pain and feelings.

I am glad i took a break to relax and unwind because things are starting to get tense again. And Jesus mikoto i can't believe you can even get drunk. ... as someone who's not quite sober right now though, i feel like i have no leg to stand on.

Im super loving this story
1/26/2018 c7 Jordan
Of course. Of course kuroko would. I absolutely adore this story and you can pry the tropes from my cold, dead hands.

Oooh it's so good
1/26/2018 c6 Jordan
I have finished Railgun now and started S again. Lol. Also got drunk.

I'm so worried for uiharu. And so fascinated by how... in character everyone is while simultaneously being different. It's like magic.

Im loving this still!
1/26/2018 c5 Jordan

Also YOU'RE KILLING ME "It's not cheating, it's the power of promised sex!" OMFG

And... And... I'm overwhelmed. I think i need a ten step program. Like. It WAS SO EPIC. And i thought people were gonna die. And i thought mikoto would go too far. I'm just. Adhhsafhhashhsa so good

I think i need a break to watch more railgun. (I might have watched the sub 3 times and dub twice and am working through the sub again. Hence the need for a ten step program but like... Why would i do that when railgun?) Episode 24 of the first season has been waiting while i read this xD

I love your story it's so good. I'm going to be sad when it's over because i think that's all of your mikoto stories. I think this one is too powerful to be a comfort read, but possibly an inspiration read, since it gets me fired up with feels. Thank you so much for writing and posting
1/26/2018 c4 Jordan

You're killing meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Its definitely skokuo and I'm just... omfg

I love it
1/26/2018 c3 Jordan
The part at the end had me dying oh my god.

This story in general is amazing. I'm happy with wherever it goes as long as mikoto lives. I'd prefer happy and with everyone else alive too, but you gotta have priorities.

I also really really liked the backstory and info we got at the end ish there with uiharu. It helps me place the world and characters together more. Just all the backstory and stuff helped. I think this was a good place to put it too, it didn't feel like an info dump and we didn't have to go so long without info to get confused. I'm making notes for my story because i have an exposition problem.

Really good story, really good chapter. Idk if I'll survive the whole story with how my heart keeps bursting but I'll die happy. I love this.
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