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2/14/2016 c2 21Psycho Tangerine
Really nice. I can see Kagura wanting her teammates to see her as strong and capable.
1/27/2015 c2 36GoseiGokaiPink
Ah I wish there was more...
1/27/2015 c1 GoseiGokaiPink
This is my OTP in this season. I just can't live without them. And the fact that there are so FEW stories about them, it kills me. Please write more.
9/17/2014 c2 James Birdsong
Lovely tale.
9/14/2014 c2 66TheKeyToDestiny
It's nice reading about how the Toqger crew views each other. Yes, I did note how the Toqgers tend to keep Kagura away from dangerous situations. It's implied that they are of the same age since it was mentioned that they were in the same year back during their school days. But they seem to push Kagura into a "damsel in distress" role, which she isn't. I hope that you can write about the other Toqgers as well on this issue.
9/11/2014 c2 28Son of Whitebeard
very heartwarming
9/10/2014 c1 Guest
Love it! Please update or write more of this pairing?! Finally someone see a pairing of this couple beside my and my daughter! Hikari and kagura forever!
9/10/2014 c1 Selenapie
Thank you thank you! Finally a Hikari/Kagura pairing! It true he alway protecting her somehow! And it so sweet! I love this chapter! Please update and write more of this pairing! Your super awesome!

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