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for Jane Eyre: an alternate ending

9/10/2022 c17 Pauline173
Thank you for this beautiful gift you gave us by publishing this story! I had a very great time reading it, and I find you very talented - what you indeed are, no doubt! Many thanks for this beautiful work :)
11/29/2021 c17 Percyzg
Thank you for a wonderful story beautifully written! I hope you choose to expand this a bit to full novel length and publish it on Amazon. I would buy it!
6/6/2021 c17 toscanamarcela
This is beautifully written, I love it!
9/26/2020 c1 Guest
Your style is nice; it is 'Bröntenian'. Your characters are like canon. This is a proper way to write fanfictions I believe. Though ofcourse, others may do what they like with the characters. You've kept the style; this one makes sense.
6/5/2020 c15 salvamea
A thrilling moment these two ladies have here. Dear me!
Think I held my breath till the bonnet fell off.
6/4/2020 c10 salvamea
The dream!
Uo- oh!
Losing his eye sight and one arm?
Just a dream or do you let it happen.

For now I am glad you let him live and them have their Romeo & Juliet moment ;)
6/4/2020 c7 salvamea
Always lovely to see the interactions with Adele

Her new home
She will be able to run her school
I wonder where we saw that.
Even more embarrassing that I didn't see it coming after all

Well, this man in love is adorable.
6/4/2020 c5 salvamea
Now I am really curious!
Getting his Bertha in there is out of the question.
You did a great job of research here.

He has a bargain with Grace Pool, both keep still about the others secret-a nice way of you to solve this mystery for us : )

And he has plans not to leave the situation as it is and the women to their fate, but help improve things.


Quick, have to read on!
6/4/2020 c4 salvamea
He asks for her approval of the care he is planning to give his wife in.
To signal that he wants to share everything with her?
He will soon enough lose Jane to another position as governess.
To show that he is no beast? He is keen to do good.
I like that.
He does some healing.
He is really thorough with that task
6/4/2020 c3 salvamea
She pleads for his wife to be treated as a human being, well taken care of, having a life as far as possible.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Necessary suggestion
Way better than burning her or having her fall to her death or even only keeping her locked up for life in the Hall, no chance of getting some breath of fresh air, or anything normal
6/4/2020 c2 salvamea
Your ideas are brilliant
Your language up to the task of being true to the book
The characters sound and act all in charact

I am overjoyed!

Thank you so much for sharing!
5/30/2020 c17 59hiddenhibernian
This was amazing, thank you for sharing!
4/22/2020 c17 Percyzg
I felt like I was reading the secret ending of Jane Eyre that Ms. Bronte kept for herself... your storytelling is a beautiful tribute to one of my favorite books!
4/19/2020 c1 Guest
This fan fiction is insanely good. By far one of the best I’ve read. I’d read more of anything you wrote.
9/25/2018 c17 Just Veia
This is one of the best fanfictions I've ever read! You are superbly talented writer and I will definitely be looking for your book. Thank you for writing this!
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