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9/13/2014 c1 1Chandagnac
This was hilarious to me. I was very amused by the idea of Jecht being inspired to create Tetris by looking at those boring block-pushing puzzles in the Cloister of Trials. Also, you had the good sense to focus on the relationship between Auron, Jecht and Braska (which was barely touched on in the game and yet was one of the most interesting and affecting things about it).

I remember playing Final Fantasy X and being mostly indifferent towards it: it was a fairly easy game to just whiz through and the graphics were quite nice, so I completed the game quickly and never looked back. I mean, I remember how bored I was by the block-pushing puzzles and the game storyline (which mostly seemed to consist of traveling from place to place bickering about the same thing again and again, occasionally being deus-ex-machina'd over to an entirely different continent), but it was easy enough that I never got frustrated enough to quit.

I really used to like Final Fantasy (I tried so hard to convince myself that I really liked Final Fantasy 8, even though I could never summon up the effort I needed to finish it). I was a fanboy and Squaresoft could do nothing wrong in my eyes. But then... Final Fantasy X. I was like ehhh... and I never bothered with another Final Fantasy game after that. A one-shot is about as much of it as I can understand. (So yeah, I approve of the length of this story. 'Brevity is the soul of wit' and all that.)

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