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11/16/2014 c1 33twitchytwain
I'm loving angsty Bonnie!
9/17/2014 c1 13bonneibennett
Loving this so far! I need some more bonenzo in my life, and you are a fantastic writer. The perfect amount of angst balanced by just enough humor and grit.

The descriptions of the colors and their significance to the two of them was especially inspired. Just gorgeous.

Can't wait to see what kind of trouble they're getting into, having escaped mystic falls, and can't wait to see if Damon will go on another frantic search for Bonnie.

Cackling quietly to myself about "protecting his investment," I think you must watch teen wolf!
9/17/2014 c1 daa29
Love it i can't wait till you update again ;)
9/16/2014 c1 leni18
This is such a promising start and I hope you'll continue with this! Bonnie and Enzo alone in New York, how awesome is that? And now they've got Damon chasing them, which is just hilarious! I do hope it'll take some time before he finds them, let them have some fun first ;)
9/14/2014 c1 Swurve
Kmsl love it
9/13/2014 c1 011292
yay bonenzo. I would love if something like this happened in actual tvd canon especially if damon is forced to be the mother hen to their journey together lol. can't wait for the second part .
9/13/2014 c1 Guest
Ahh a Bonenzo story, I loved their chat can't wait to read more of this story.
9/13/2014 c1 SteVie'SGirL
Interesting story! Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/13/2014 c1 2basicHBKnomics
... Did I just step into my new favorite story? This is brilliant!

Okay let me just say that I love Benzo/Bonenzo and there is not a lot of it out here so thank you for that. And I love the whole concept of "chasing the dragon" I've never read a story that involved that so this, I already know, is going to be interesting.
Off the bar you made me feel bad for Enzo and Bonnie which isn't hard to do tbh, but I really felt what they were going through and by that I could see where this was going. I wish this would happen on the show, either with Damon or enzo(or both) I'm not picky.
And the way Damon reacted and the way he kept calling Bonnie 'judgy' warmed my heart. I tried to rack my brain of what might happened next but the only conclusion I think I have is that Damon finds them, which was already stated so... Well I have a feeling he won't kill them LOL. Side note: I just love Stefan and his reactions to Damon and Enzo... "Stevie" hahaha
I literally cannot wait for the next chapter and the rest of the story. I'm falling over In my seat with anticipation. Whether this story is an ensemble cast fic or just the three of them I'm so here for it! Please continue, because I know this is going to be epic and I know I'm going to love it :D
9/12/2014 c1 Alexis
Hope there's more! :)

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