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10/3/2014 c4 9lizzieonawhim
Paula! :D I love Paula Crock; she is just the best. I love it when people give her an active role in their fics - or, hell, even a passive role, as long as it's a role that acknowledges what a BAMF she is. This, with her patching up Artemis's wounds with a wolfsbane remedy that must have been *super* risky to develop, definitely qualifies. I also love that she already appreciates Wally even though she hasn't even met him yet. Hey, anyone who saves her daughter's life, right? :)

Lawrence is a jerk, as always. Boo, Lawrence. :[

I'm also glad Artemis is going to go back and see Wally, though I'm worried about what will happen when she does. She only just barely kept him out of the crossfire after what happened last time. I'm also interested to see what happens when Dick gets involved with the storyline. I was interested to see his reaction to Artemis at the crime scene last chapter. Did he recognize the sweater as Wally's? Or was it something else? I'm super curious. Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/27/2014 c3 Anon
holy crap, this chpt was super interesting (i really like the twist)! 'can't wait for chpt 4!
9/27/2014 c1 Anon
HECK YES, spitfire is baaack! thank you so much for writing this! i'm intrigued :)
9/27/2014 c3 4FairyTalesIntheWoods
9/26/2014 c1 Kit
don't stop writing this fic is like crack!
9/26/2014 c3 9lizzieonawhim
Ahh, Jesus. Poor Artemis; she's in one hell of a situation. I really love how real the danger feels: for her, for Wally, and for anyone else who might end up involved. I am seriously so invested in this fic; every time I finish the newest chapter, I look for the button to go to the next one and then I'm like, 'oh yeah. Dangit!' Although I guess I can't really complain, given how the second chapter of HtPOaS ended...

Anyway, another truly splendid chapter. Can't wait for the next one!
9/22/2014 c1 7PopCulturist
I've been reading you stuff for quite some time, and the first chapter of this story was just cinematic. Now I just finished watching Gotham, so I still have that running through my brain, but I see so much of your story fitting in perfectly with that setting. I really like AU stories, I think canon has been mined for all it's worth, so I have some pretty high expectations for this and Ranty you always deliver. That last line was pretty cheesy and cliche, I just couldn't help it. Great start and great job.
9/22/2014 c2 1lightandlines
Alright, second chapter. Still really great characterization and the intrigue is building.

Wally and Artemis bounced off each other really well in this chapter and I could clearly picture their interaction in my mind. I really liked that Wally was really awkward around the fact that Artemis was naked and that she didn't seem to really care about the issue.

I can definitely sense that there is something supernatural about Artemis, which I'm sure is the point. But it isn't in a way that I find over the top or distracting. Part of me, a big part, hopes that Artemis returns freely to show Wally she's fine like she promised.

I'm someone who is guilty of not continuously reviewing stories even if I thoroughly enjoy them but I'm going to make a real effort where 'Shifting Feelings' is concerned because I really want to see how this plays out for Wally and Artemis.

I look forward to next week.
9/22/2014 c2 5speedemonforever
Wow this is so awesome update soon
9/22/2014 c1 speedemonforever
Sooo amazing
9/21/2014 c2 19icanhearyouglaring
i CANT WAIT FOR NEXT FRIDAY DAMN 'artemis... or a burglar?' i was DYING omg great chapter
9/21/2014 c2 4FairyTalesIntheWoods
Update fast!
9/21/2014 c2 Guest
I'm not really into the supernatural stories but damn this is a really, really good book!
9/21/2014 c1 readingisdabest
please update soon. I really like how this story is going
9/20/2014 c1 Guest
Super intriguing! I love your writing style; you put just enough detail in to capture attention and set the scene, but in a way that doesn't drone on and still leaves some mystery. I also think you really captured the personalities of the characters, which is super important in AUs. Can't wait for what's to come and thanks for helping my Spitfire fix!
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