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11/5/2014 c12 Staytraughter
I this story I used to hate all these stories like this but uv'e converted me! I'm a bit annoyed about the blasphemy plz stop but other than that great job update plzzzzzz
11/2/2014 c11 TheAsterousAuthor
Ooooooh…. goodie…. Well, not good for Arty or Gar, but the chapter was awesome. There was a little suspense and some drama. Me likey! And I can't wait for more spitfire-y-ness!
Hope the next chappie is up soon!
11/2/2014 c1 Spitforeverire
It's pretty funny how your first chapter has gone from 6,000 words to 1,000 but still amazing story, continue writting!
10/31/2014 c11 arrowflash
I really can't wait for more. So far where is Conner, Kulder? Omg, are you going to have them as werewolves that for a small pack to pretect the humans. And I do wonder about Zatanna. So please update.
10/31/2014 c11 9lizzieonawhim
Oh Artemis, baby, no! Ojo's in total control of his actions. He didn't have to go after Garfield and he doesn't have to go after Garfield's mom. Nothing he does is your fault, now or ever!

Oh, poor Artemis. Born into this huge situation she can't control, struggling to make a difference, and finding herself in over her head every time. Hell, she was *born* in over her head.

I love how I never know what's coming next with this story. I thought Lawrence was going to threaten Wally to get her to fall in line; it never even occurred to me that he'd do something like this instead. God, what an evil bastard, twisting things around to make Artemis's actions sound like a bad thing. She did something genuinely good that made her feel good about herself, and he took that away from her. :( Lawrence Crock is the actual worst. I hope this isn't coming from personal experience for you; if it is, I am truly sorry.
10/30/2014 c10 Mrs. West
Is the one guarantee death offence something along the lines of like, I don't know; mating with a human but if that was the car wouldn't Lawrence be dead unless his title as Alpha guarantees his safety? I'm loving this story but some more, heaps more, spitfire would be great! Thumbs up to you!
10/30/2014 c10 1onerandomchick
I love this story so much, I think you're a talented writer and should keep on writing!
10/30/2014 c10 the Artemis Croc
Ooh, is it helping humans?

Great story, btw, keep up the good work!
10/29/2014 c10 9lizzieonawhim
Well, you said last chapter that having kids with humans was frowned upon but not worthy of the death penalty, so it can't be that. Paula knows about werewolves, so telling humans about them probably isn't it? Except it's already been established that Lawrence is a big ol' hypocrite about that stuff, so I guess that's not out of the running. The only other things I can think of are killing another werewolf, seeking a new life outside the pack, orrr... befriending humans maybe? Or talking to cops. I bet talking to cops gets you killed pretty quick. Actually, I bet that's what it is.

Loved seeing Artemis help Gar. That was a wonderful bit. Ohhh, I wonder if this is when Lawrence finds out about her friendship with Wally? It's gettin' towards time for Wally to be put in direct danger from all this, isn't it? Don't answer my questions. :) Lookin' forward to Friday!
10/28/2014 c10 28Opaul
I'm guessing that even worse one is probably the one Jane committed.
10/28/2014 c10 TheAsterousAuthor
Um…is it killing another werewolf? Or…..hmm…..leaving the pack for a normal life? Ooooh! I got it! Is it revealing your werewolfy-ness to a human? I think it might be. But only you know for sure :)

I love this fic! It's just so good!
And Gar's mom was Marie, right? Not Megan? I think it could be either.
10/28/2014 c10 arrowflash
I really can't wait for more. Please have Wally walking there and stumbes apound her and her father. He watches as he father teaches her a lesson and Wally being Wally helps after her dad leaves seeing the golden wolf turn back to Artemis. Of couse he's pissed and all but then he'll listen to what she saids but he's still pissed. Artemis seeing this tells him she'll walk out of his life and that he'll never see her again but then her dad finds out Artemis has been hanging out with this human boy/Wally and gets him. Artemis hears about this and goes and resures him but in the proses gets really hurt and Dick and Zatanna come along( Zatanna being a werewolf)
10/26/2014 c9 TheAsterousAuthor
Oh, Jade. Way to leave right after telling very shocking information. I saw a really funny fanart like this, except that Cheshire handed Lian off to Artemis and she's like "WTF I'm an aunt?!" It was really funny.
Anywho, I like this fic lots! Werewolves….And Wally…..Whatever shall happen to our favorite redheaded scientist?
And I hope Dick chooses Zatanna ;)
Because Chalant forevah...
10/25/2014 c9 9lizzieonawhim
Aww, Artemis, that indescribable feeling you're talking about? Pretty sure that's love, sweetie. Artemis is in looove :) :) :) Loved the references to Wally as Kid Flash. That whole flashback was just full of warm fluffies and happiness, and I say this as someone who generally doesn't like flashbacks.

Your Jade is absolutely 100% spot on. I'd be willing to lay odds that one of them was naked the first time she met Roy in this universe. I also like Artemis's attitude towards her. That last line about Jade being adopted felt so real, because that's something siblings say to each other all the time. There used to be a running joke in my family about my siblings' and my older brother Pete, who vanished under mysterious circumstances after... not eating his vegetables, or something. I'm a little fuzzy on the details; that was a really long time ago. My siblings also used to get me *really* upset by telling me that I was adopted, and my parents actually found me in a cardboard box.

Anyhow. This fic feeds my soul. Looking forward to the next update!
10/25/2014 c9 Artemis Theo
I don't know if I reviewed the previous chapter, so I'll put both in here. First off, I love the friendship between Dick and Wally, so I would like to thank you for writing it so wonderfully. Secondly, you did a great job using Bart's particular vocabulary. Lastly, you also did a great job with Jade, and I can't wait to here more of her story. (Particularly if a certain redhead archer is involved.) In conclusion, this story continues to be asterous.
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