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for The Long Journey

23h c14 16Luciendar
Half a lacrima? I'm sorry, that just sounds really stupid to me. Best case scenario they have half the power. I was really looking forward to the secret and now I'm just irritated.
23h c12 Luciendar
Kanji is keeping a secret. He can't be mad at Erza for doing the same.
6/14 c8 Luciendar
So far this isn't incredibly detailed and it's main character isn't very impressive. Adding an OC to universe, especially when he's supposedly "S class", should make more of a difference. He's changed nothing. The only major change this far, Kage, literally had nothing to do with him.
6/14 c3 Luciendar
Kanji isn't coming across well so far, just kind of sad and needy.
6/7 c136 Guest
Great ending
5/26 c8 Xandre6213
Essa história está um lixo, o protagonista é pior que um figurante sem importância... Ficou muito ruim.
No começo eu pensei que o protagonista não estava mostrando o seu poder de propósito e que quando ele fosse para a luta ele ia mostrar que ele era digno de ser classe S, mas ele luta pior que Lucy e não só isso o idiota do autor tirou todas as partes cômicas da história e fez de um jeito todo desleixado, ficou muito ruim muito chato de ler, tentei ser persistente para ver se a história melhorava, mas continuou sendo um lixo... Perca de tempo!
4/26 c22 12RedKnight21
this chapter right here makes kanji feel way more relevant to the story than any other chapter so far.
4/26 c13 RedKnight21
So I've been reading your story and I have to say your character doesn't really add a whole lot. It honestly feels like your character is only a background character and doesn't add a whole lot to the main story so far.
4/23 c1 RedKnight21
Boo~ Lightning powers are so over used! I was hoping for something a little something more unique. Oh well, I'm not stopping yet.
11/9/2020 c28 sonusiraj975
8/31/2020 c136 Sagicknight
ty for the read :)
8/30/2020 c136 AnimeMyWorld
hey man loved your story it was awesome! hope to see you soon after your break maybe this time oc x mira ;)? definitely one of my favorite fairytail fanfics here rest well champ you deserved it!
8/30/2020 c136 12ROCuevas
Quite good work.
8/30/2020 c136 2Zeromk7
Yeah. It was an Amazing story and One of the First i ever read. I cant wait to see the 100 years quest. Until next time man !
8/29/2020 c135 12ROCuevas
Really well done.
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