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10/17/2014 c7 SummerHeart17
Hai hai! I will like Akara to join the soccer club!

I hope u update soon!
10/16/2014 c7 7Amaya0Miyako
OMG! So cool! A new cheapie and a soccer team! So awesome! I'm totally joining!x333
10/16/2014 c7 29Swag Giraffe
Nice chapter Ecko-san! :D I'm excited to see the soccer club, hehehe... :) I'll be sending Youta and Asako's soccer stuff soon! :) See you around, and thanks for updating! :D

10/14/2014 c6 9Soccers Heart
I so love this chapie! X3 Wow! It was cool! I look forward to the next! Well gotta scram! Ja Ne!
10/13/2014 c6 64696neko
I love wolf children! I almost cried in that movie it's so good that I watched it two times especially the part that ame leaves
10/13/2014 c6 29Swag Giraffe
Yay, chappie! :D I've missed you Ecko! :) This chapter was really good. And LOL, Necro and Matatagi. xD Hehe. Afuro-sensei is AWESOME! (I wanna see that movie but I haven't yet... T.T C-Can I go be in that class? xP) Great job, and thanks for updating! Love ya!


P.S. On your other fic, you got Chikai spot on. Just thought I'd tell you, because it wouldn't let me review there again... T.T Love it! And Ryuuji-kun is too CUTE... just sayin'. :3
10/13/2014 c6 7Amaya0Miyako
Agggghh! I already can't wait for the next chapter! X333
9/27/2014 c5 29Swag Giraffe
Uwah, sorry for the late review! I love this chapter, Ecko! :D I think Miyu-sensei is going out with Gouenji-san! :3 Hehe. And Luka is awesome and funny as usual... Emi was cool... Kidou-sensei scared me... Dx Lol. And Endou-sensei is so strict! But I think that's a great fit for her - well done Ecko-san! :D Can't wait for more!

9/27/2014 c5 7Amaya0Miyako
Miyako: I really liked that chapter! Sorry I didn't review the last few chapters, but my internet was down for a few days!
Reiko: And you were lazy, when it came back yesterday.
Miyako: HEY!
Reiko: Hihihi, I bet Afuro-sensei is dating Gouenji-sensei!
9/27/2014 c5 4KuraiHaru17
Hehe...Natsumi is so strict. Rules...rules...I hate rules! *Pouts*
great job. I can't wait till my OC appears. Update soon!

Haru-chan :)
9/27/2014 c5 64696neko
Yay new chapter ! I thought that natsumi would be less strict .
I'm guessing that it Oc is going out with... Gouenji?
Good luck on the next chapter
9/17/2014 c4 29Swag Giraffe
Ahaha, Luka always steals your thunder. xD hehe. I LOVE THIS CHAPPIE EEEEEK! :D It's okay that you didn't update yesterday - your fast updates really surprise me, girl! Kudos to you! I write like 1,000 - 3,000 word chapters, though, so I guess I know why I take so long. xD Hehe oops. Anyhoo, I LOVED that beginning! (So you chose Akane, eh? GREAT decision - sooooo cuuuuuuteeeeee! :3 ). And the class was funny, but MAN, Kidou-sensei is s-scary! O.o Lol. Great job Ecko-san, I can't wait for more, EEEKKK! :D Heehee. See you around!

9/17/2014 c4 1HarukaMizashi
Man, things are getting better! Luka-chan is really funny! Poor Youta, tripping like that.
Math video? For one hour? Man, I'd die if i were there. That's so boring.
Looking forward to seeing the next chapter!

Haru-chan :)
9/16/2014 c3 I like tortoises
Ah! You've done this story perfectly Taiga-san! LUV IIIIIITTTT!
You got my Sayuri's personality great! Just keep her mouth extra shut cause, really, she is damn, damn quiet. Thank you for using my OC and updating quiiiiccckkk! _ Bye!
9/15/2014 c3 Kittenception
Its just like another ordinary day in raimon jr high. I also like how its not rushed.

KEEP your chin up and smile, update soon!* smiles sweetly*
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