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for A Dark Lords Rising

5/12 c35 hk78833
well, i was hoping Harry will eventually come to the light side!
5/8 c8 Ryuu23
Four troll seriously? I hate when the authors specifically complicate the task, because they made their hero more than he was in the original. And I am very strange to hear that after only 9 years of study, Harry had such big problems. But I admit that he is still a 13-year-old boy and there was no murder experience, even if it is just a creature. But I am also immensely annoying that at school there were those who were more experienced and strong than your protagonist, and even in a plural. I want to say that he uses a mustache magic and much more, which goes beyond the scope, as well as its training in 4 and 7 years old in the strongest wizards of this generation. This is not what is the norm. As I do not understand why other teachers listened to Dumbledore, so as not to kill trolls when three children were in danger. Especially Black and Snape. I want to say that in history, well, there are a lot of contradictions, but so far they have not been annoyed, now I take a pause. But honestly, I am glad that I did not cry in the toilet. :)
3/28 c5 LightningFlik
What is it about Slytherin Harrys that make authors go way overboard on the skills? Is there any reason 13 year old Harry needs a six pack? Is it important to the plot that girls fancy him, he has perfect sight and can run 12km/h for an hour and 20 minutes? Does he need to be able to cast wordless, wandless magic?

He's a child prodigy in dueling and he doesn't have a trace on his wand; what possible tension could there be in this story?

Also I can't even imagine what this looks like:

"He wore his hair up in a very professional spike that made him look like a young business man."

This is very bad practice too:

"His pants resembled something out of a teenage fashion magazine"

Feel free to tell us what they look like instead of telling us what they resemble so we have to make it up ourselves. Or don't even mention it if it's not important.
3/28 c4 LightningFlik
Who's the seventh Slytherin boy sharing with Blaise?
3/21 c27 dawn manabat
i really love every chapters
3/21 c1 dawn manabat
i hope you continue sharing your imagination with us
3/21 c1 dawn manabat
great story thank you for sharing
3/6 c2 x2leoj
So Harry knows he is the BWL but doesn’t know Lord Voldemort killed his parents... even though it says in all the books and he can ask his friends what happened. Unless Voldemort has Fidelius level censorship regarding that information around Harry.
2/22 c7 CrazyMr
Fucking Nike broom lmao
1/25 c36 1Sanders7201
great story i enjoyed it very much. keep up the awesome work.
1/24 c35 Rooster0972
This was a fun read. Congratulations on making it to the end!
1/23 c36 wynnsteria06
1/22 c18 Rooster0972
Really enjoying this story. Love the interactions between Daphne and Harry and I fully support adding Susan to the mix. I think the three of them are a great dynamic.
1/7 c36 bvengeance1
Loved your story, but one comment for your editing. You use 'Women' a lot when you should be using 'Woman', it can get confusing if there are more than one girl in the room and you only mean one of them. One woman, many women. I noticed this when reading your other story 'A Badger's Champion' too. Since you are rereleasing the story your should skim through and fix that problem.

Other than that, hope you keep the writing up.
1/4 c35 TupanHD
Great story. I am happy that he ended up with both susan and daphne.
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