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for Iago

5/15/2017 c1 5epsi10n
Remorse from Iago! It sounds like your Iago is still human, but he got carried away with the manipulations and is just starting to realize what he did. This is a beautiful story.

I love how you made his mental imageries into hallucinations and blended it with his actual environment...
10/18/2014 c1 51Masked Man 2
This is brilliant. The depth of emotion and pain is so intense; you capture Iago's torment extremely well. The section with the ringing sound, resulting in him seeing all those he killed (essentially), being driven mad with their screams, was incredibly moving. It reminded me a bit of The Tell-Tale Heart, with the sound, and the unbearable pain of remorse. Obviously, the ending was, if not unexpected, then certainly beautiful; his thoughts on beauty and love almost moved me to his single tear. :) Excellent, excellent job.

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