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9/17/2014 c1 27Hermione Is My Role Model
Loved this, it was so good! Trying to guess who died, who was it?
9/15/2014 c1 60AngelofDarkness1605
I had to wiki the Black family tree to remind me who is who exactly, but even before that this fic was lovely, every character being so distinctive despite me barely being aware of who is who even before I wiki'd the Black family ;)
Also, I love the contrast of life and dead you paint here.
I wanted to say more but all my new crushes make it difficult to think straight ;)
9/14/2014 c1 655Lamia of the Dark
This was really interesting to read about all the characters different reactions. And of course little!Bella was being a brat. :D

I cracked up at the part with Lucretia.

And the part with Orion... *melts*
9/14/2014 c1 deletes
This was so cool, Azzie! A funeral was a great setting to explore various Black family member characters. Your characterisation was wonderful, believable and very amusing, and I especially liked Walburga and Orion. The covert little smile they shared at the end was gorgeous! I also found Sirius' active kicking very funny, hehehe. Also love the Pureblood snark laced everywhere. It gave them some personality, where often people would only expound on their prejudices. You really wove together an image of a very intricate society in a short piece, which I loved. Great detail, but never over the top. It was exciting every time you mentioned a character I knew, like 'Ooh, Narcissa, she's so cute!' and 'Ah, Dorea! James is in you tummy!' hehehe. Sorry this review is all over the shop :P Just know that I really enjoyed it :D Great job!
9/14/2014 c1 34KeepCalmFanFicExists
Teehee, finally on the other side, huh? Yet, it was worth the wait, wasn't it? Great view on the subject, an extended family that made my brain beany, as you put it, so many and yet none seemed to be remotely sad about the death of a member. Everyone had something else going on, Walburga just totally herself, planning killings and cursing other people, very cold with her husband ever though she's in the hormon rollercoaster. A small but very insightful look at various family members, like our beloved Black Sisters was just great. And Orion in the end just happy and content with life's circle bringing him to the spotlight. Yes, well done, dear. :)
9/14/2014 c1 337The Bickering Kingdom
Damn this good. No way in hell will be able to write anything half as good as this for the challenge.

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