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12/4/2020 c14 10Angryfanfic
Please continue
2/10/2020 c14 12959159-Delete-account -pleas
Oh I hope you update soon pleas. I would love to read who behind them.
12/14/2019 c14 Flora fairy
11/18/2019 c14 Guest
Update pls
11/13/2019 c5 Taylor eaglebear
he is going to propose to her
7/20/2019 c14 misswitlock16
I love it hope you add more
3/9/2019 c14 2yarnfan4life
love it please write more
2/13/2019 c14 Guest
Update please
11/14/2018 c14 Guest
11/14/2018 c14 1ames135
Are you still updating this
10/28/2018 c9 Kmpcarter
If Austin put up posters how is someone confused about the kiss?
4/20/2018 c14 lovebooks2042
more plzz
4/2/2018 c14 Lucky Lucy Heart
PLEASE UPDATE! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this story! The plot is AWESOME and your writing is AMAZING! I can’t wait to read the next chapter and I hope you upload it SOON!
2/13/2018 c14 Lili
Is There Gonna Be An Update ? In Love With This I Wanna Know More And I Want Sam To Meet Austin's Parents
12/9/2017 c14 M.v.j.M
I would love to read the next chapter :)
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