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for ode to sleep

5/6 c18 2God of Evil
yo, all I wanna say is I enjoy what you got here. While I don't agree with the mc often and the pacing regarding her 'family' irks me a bit(it took 17 chapters and we are just now getting some progress) I do like her as a character because of her flaws and such. Overall, I do like the story and am looking forward to more.
12/27/2020 c18 MengFan
I think this is the best tokyo ghoul fanfiction I've ever found and read. Toki's influence on the cannon plot makes sense and everyone stays in character.

The character development of Toki is also really great and I'm glad to see that she doesn't outright accept dying and transmigrating in a ghoul filled world. Although her reaction seems logical, many authors don't take the time to develop their OC's mindsets like you did. Even her often strange actions actually make sense to me considering what she's been through.

I hope I'll be able to read the rest of this story soon. Take your time to write whatever you want to change or add, I'll wait.

To your several questions asking why do people even read your book, you are an amazing writer. Even without considering how well your plot is built and your great descriptive ability, the way you manage to transmit emotions through simple words is impressive. Every emotion you described I can relate to and understand even when there are some moments when I've never felt something even remotely similar to it.

One last thing. As you said you're rewriting this book, there is one inconsistency I would like to point out. It's the only one I've found so far. Valium is an extremely strong medicine and it wouldn't be given by a doctor as a first time anxiolytic. They would start with something milder like xanax or tercian (though I'm not sure that one is really used a lot outside of Europe). All valium will do to someone unaccostomed to that kind of medicine is knock them out directly, which a sedative could do an even better job at. As xanax happens to have the same side effects as valium (just milder) you could still keep the same plot and just change valium to something else. Anyway, that was a lot to say very little, so don't mind me, it's just a friendly suggestion.
12/7/2020 c10 IheLam
or she could miss the plane ?
I mean, go out a day or two before the flight, slip the chaperone and spend the days/night walking..., in the dark? i'm grasping at straw but really one night out (and 2 day), on your own, as an underage girl in ghoul infested tokyo, well what could go wrong?
And really once the plane is missed, well it's too late right?
12/7/2020 c9 IheLam
Didn't you say she was nineteen, so she is a adult. Can't she i don't know , empty her bank accout, pack her bag, take a hotel room, look for a job, find a appartement and live her life ?
They can't actually force her to leave the country parents or not. Nor can they force her to have a chaperone, since well she is an adult. Man the police shouldn't even make trouble as long as she write/ tell them that she hasn't been abducted. They can't make her go to therapy either, so honestly the only thing forcy her to leave is herself. The fact that she didn't thinkisn't capableis not the space of mind to think about/ living by herself.
12/1/2020 c18 7WickedlyMinx
Binged this and im gonna try to forget about it until you update and get to your current point haha.
9/28/2020 c18 1Phylomedusa
we support u 100 percent dude. long waits are totally worth quality shit.
9/18/2020 c17 Bogdon
I really love this story. I haven't read it for a long time, it was my escape. Even with her emotions. I think I need a re-reading though. I confess, this is one of my favorite chapters! I didn’t expect Sandra and this atmosphere. This is cool! And she speaks!
I really like the way you portray people, the way you portray emotion and trauma. It's amazing.
9/18/2020 c18 Guest
No worries! Take your time and do what you feel is best because, not gonna lie, I’m really excited to see how you will change (or perhaps not change) the interactions between toki and uta. :)
9/18/2020 c18 Anon
9/10/2020 c18 weronika.reipold333
To jest fajne, będzie ciąg dalszy?
9/9/2020 c18 kaleidoscopeMediator
Not a problem, you do what you feel is best, I’ll be eagerly but patiently waiting for when you return :)

Good luck and stay safe :D
9/9/2020 c18 bloodmosiac
i fricken love this fic so much so you take as long as u need to make it something u love as much as i do, this always makes my day, love ya 3
9/7/2020 c18 Alice Fairchild
Take whatever amount of time you need to come back for the rewrite. Looking forward to it actually. Thank you for all the worl for this story too.
9/6/2020 c18 Lazarith
Good luck, hun! I look forward to reading the rewrite Have a lovely day
9/6/2020 c18 MeowGenics
Take whatever time you need for yourself to enjoy your own work. Id wait for you, your writing style is lovely.
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