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for Spider-X beginning

1/1/2018 c9 Guest
How could peter be that stupid come on spidy sense anyone he should of know it was a trap
12/31/2017 c7 Guest
Why would the NYPD be look for spiderman if he wasn’t even missing for that long? And if he can feel if someone is Following him why would he go back home
12/31/2017 c4 Guest
What the hell happened to his Spidey sense he could’ve won that fight And he should have saw the attacks coming
12/31/2017 c2 Guest
When someone is talking you need to use” “ these “” and start a new paragraph when a new person is talking
10/30/2017 c2 Guest
It's a pretty good story so far, but your diaglog is hard to understand
10/13/2017 c2 Guest
The story is good, but it is very badly written. Not the worst, but definitely not the best. You should make the dialogue more distinctive, and polish your use of commas and dots. Also, breath a bit, it doesn’t have to be so...concentrated. Best of luck :)
7/6/2017 c1 Guest
Commas, man, learn how to use them
1/19/2017 c15 4reaver216
awesome story hope there's more to come
11/29/2016 c15 54Death Fury
Good chapter please update soon!
9/30/2016 c15 spiderman1fan
another great chapter, can't wait for more.
4/18/2016 c14 1Ribke
Sup? Just skipped here to see if you improved. Sorry for not thinking of that earlier (the headache). I'm glad you got better! But you still lots of room to improve. LOTS OF IT! Too much headache to care, tho... Whaaaaaatever; YOU CAN DO IT, KID! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
4/18/2016 c1 Ribke
Dude, this is almost impossible to read (especially with a headache at 11 PM). At least use quotation marks for dialogues.
9/22/2015 c13 victoria
ahh so not fair this is so good please update again soon.
8/26/2015 c10 spiderman1fan
great chapter, can't wait for more. yes that was from TASM 2
7/29/2015 c8 barman111893
Please let Gwen go to the institute with him who knows she might be safe after all
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