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for Canterlot ist Krieg!

3/6/2016 c12 LeahDaughterofThanatos
So... no more?
12/21/2014 c12 6DarthWill3
I was right. Flash and Hest are now rivals...

It's gonna be okay, Fluttershy.

Looks like Fluttershy and Dashie's boyfriends are here.

Flash's folks won't have much to worry about tonight... I hope.

Oh, this is too cute! The Crusaders are actually doing an awesome Scooby Doo song in bikinis! And boy, have they got their crushes' blood running... PipBelle, FeatherBloom, and Rumbaloo FTW!

All the memorable bands from Rainbow Rocks are back!

Not bad, Bronycorpse. And does Hest's breath really smell that bad? LOL

I can see why The Rainbooms would choose Christian Black Metal: one, they're righteous; two, Twilight wants to see the look on Hest's face. ;)

Aw... I can smell some FlashShimmer in the air!

Way to go, Rainbooms! Wahoo!
12/4/2014 c11 DarthWill3
Sunset, you are so brimming with idea on how to help your friends win!

Pinkie's such a pug, isn't she? You know why? Because pugs are cute and always bursting with energy!

Looking good today, Vinyl!

Once again, Dashie and A.J. are at their old rivalry. At least they made a compromise.

Love the new equipment, girls!

Dare I say that Sunset using her feelings for Flash to make Twilight yell for the right pitch is just genius? It's perfect comedy! ROFL

"Elements of Discord." I like the sound of that.

"Sunny?" Aw, that's so sweet.

Have you ever seen Flash so angry? Hest must've really struck a nerve there.

Discordia, Tartarus, and Pervertor must've had some real girl trouble back then. Still, it's pretty hysterical. LOL

I have a feeling that in choosing between Sunset and Twilight, Flash's mind has been made up.

Uh oh. I think Flash just made a rival/enemy out of Hest Endetarm.
11/23/2014 c10 DarthWill3
That's such a brilliant plan, Twi!

I think Dashie took Twilight's advice to heart. ROFL

Well, that Detective Hogg may be a lousy cop, but he makes a good dad. ;) Dashie's sure to win over Soarin' now.

The Rainbooms have got a long way to go.
11/13/2014 c9 Madiha Safder
I want more I mean come on this is it
11/13/2014 c9 DarthWill3
Oh, boy... Dashie's in big trouble now.

How long has Pinkie known about Dashie's crush on Soarin'?

Twilight, you always know how to come up with a plan!

Looks like Sunset must really care about her Flashy's safety. How sweet! And Twilight, try to put jealousy away for now. You gotta stay focused.

Putting Fluttershy out of harm's way would be nice. She's had enough hurt already.

Hest may not know what the girls are up to, but he can find ways on how to win.

Dashie, you're a genius!
11/2/2014 c8 DarthWill3
Geez... Not only is Hest one brutish thug; he's a manipulative cheapskate! I wonder how much that guitar Pervertor got him cost...

Pinkie, you're full of laughs today. ROFL

It's spy time!

Thank you, Google Chrome! LOL

Cayman Nation Bank? $700,000,000? That's big stuff! The cops would love to see this!

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Dashie would go to lengths to get Soarin' to like her. I mean, why else would she go topless solos on her smartphone? She's probably desperate. Unfortunately, that desperation becomes leverage for Hest. That big, mean meanie-pants!
10/23/2014 c7 DarthWill3
Hest was right; revenge does make him hungry. LOL

Good thing that raccoon didn't bite poor Fluttershy...

Aw... Young love! FlutterMac FTW! And Pinkie's right! We should throw a party for them!

Man... Who knew Hest would be that big into black metal, not to mention he's like a millionaire? And those Norwegian translations for his family name are quite disturbing.

I'm starting to think that Sunset's feelings for Flash may be growing stronger than Twilight's, thus building the tension between the two friends/rivals. ;)

Let's see if Hest's next move will be just as vicious as the last one... or probably even funnier.
10/14/2014 c6 DarthWill3
I'm really glad that Sunset has come to check on Flash. If anything, she really does love him. How romantic!

Looks like Flash is off the hook... for now. And how can you actually compare black metal to the bubonic plague? ROFL

Oh no! Poor Fluttershy! She's just a cutie! Man, if Big Mac or Rainbow Dash find out who pulled off that prank, they're gonna get mad!

This is so like Hest; using a rabid raccoon to attack a vet. He's pure Joker material! I wonder what he'll be up to next...
10/8/2014 c5 DarthWill3
Uh oh. Looks like Flash is in big trouble with his folks, but at least he's got "pals" in the band to back him up. And I wonder what will be said at home...

Glad to see that the CMC were able to clear Applejack of all charges. Plus, Hest got the punishment he deserves. But I don't think this is over. Not by a long shot.
10/2/2014 c4 DarthWill3
Flash has a lot of conflicting issues, doesn't he?

"Blooming Apples?" Hilarious! And Flash can't be that big of a twig! ROFL

It's okay, Fluttershy. These animal cadavers aren't real.

From what I'm seeing, Sunset seems more attracted to Flash than Twilight is.

Poor Apple Bloom...

Never thought I'd see Applejack this mad before. And boy, can she fight!

This is one crazy concert! It's absolute chaos! Discord would've liked this. LOL

Need I say that there's gonna be a lot of trouble in the next chapters?
9/25/2014 c3 DarthWill3
Twilight! That was completely uncalled for! You know better than that! (That's what Rarity would say, were she present.)

So far, Flash's parents are proud of their son.

What awesome names for the original songs, dude!

Flash is a real natural at this!
9/19/2014 c2 DarthWill3
If you ask me, there can only be only one girl for Flash. And I have my suspicions on who it might be in this story. ;)

So much detail for each real life rock stars! Well done!

I have to admit, Flash does seem to belong in a band. Nothing bad has happened... yet.
9/19/2014 c1 DarthWill3
This is one heck of a story! Rock 'n roll everywhere! Wahoo!

While Flash may have forgiven Sunset, his parents aren't likely to do the same anytime soon and are pressuring their own son to date Twilight. Poor girl.

Black Metal? Uh oh. Flash will be in for it soon.

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