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4/12/2016 c28 Charleigh
I am so impressed with all of the detail and story development you put into this fic! I really enjoyed it, and I would absolutely love to read a sequel if you publish it. You are a very talented writer! Keep up the amazing work :)
4/11/2016 c14 Charleigh
I can't believe this fic doesn't have more reviews, it's really great! Looking forward to diving into the next half of it, you're a great writer!
7/18/2015 c28 4Stillwaterrs
I've been away from this site for quite some time, being busy with other projects, and was pleasantly surprised to see your story when I did get back here. I enjoyed your plot line. Your presentation was unusual, using both first-and-third person narrative, but it was easy to follow.

You did a good job with your two main characters, although I think you could have rounded their relationship out a little more. For example, we know that Jesse is interested in Rose's personality, and then her powers, and feels compassion for the glimpses he perceives regarding her background. Is he interested in her as a woman? Is she attracted to him? These kinds of feelings add complexity to everything else, and are fun to play with.

I also had a couple of questions. What was Rose looking for that kept her working at Genomex? Also, regarding the fight where she was taken by the GSA - since you gave no indication that Eckhart knew that Mutant X had her, it seems unlikely that he would have set a force large enough to keep Brennan and Shal occupied over watching the tea supplier. He couldn't have known that kind of muscle would be required.

The 'Pretender' twist was fun - I watched and enjoyed that show also. I would have liked to see some more insight from Jared expressed to the team on what being a 'pretender' was all about - not to mention some background on how the Centre passed into Jared's hands, and what he's been doing with it. Juliana's motives could have been fleshed out more as well - if Jared and Roslin knew the Centre was corrupt, why didn't she? Just that she 'got in trouble' by something that Roslin might have said seems thin, especially after all these years. Did Juliana's 'punishment' warp her in some way?

All in all, it was a good story, and I would be interested to see a) what happens to Roslin next; b) Jesse's revenge on Paragon; c) what Paragon is up to specifically; d) if any kind of personal relationship develops between Jesse and Rose; e) does the information Adam gained from Roslin help in his quest to cure mutant instability and/or does it have anything to do with Jesse being cured by the last episode?

I look forward to your sequel.
10/5/2014 c10 3aniki19
I just found out this little gem of a plot and I read the entire story over a span of a day(in between daily life) and then...*takes a deep breath*
just when I thought it might get somewhat predictable...you managed to twist it and grab hold of my attention (which is not easy considering this is a holiday weekend...and Im such a busy gal,you know) and Im dying for more!

The way you write is flawless with each emotion described as agonising as possible. Im a sucker for Jesse stories and eventhough this is kinda sue *coughs*...Im actually rooting for her!

*gives blue m&ms to author*

Anyway, hope this review serves as more encouragement knowing that this fandom is not exactly dying *shakes head slightly* but sort of the you know...*inserts a scene of what the scientist who made Frankenstein might say* "Its Alive! Its still Alive!"
*flashes of thunder and lightning*

Excellent work! Cant wait for more!

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