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9/17 c3 1StormCrownSr
Ok, what does alk mean? I can't translate it via the app. Google tells me nothing.
9/16 c40 Polarised Magnet
I binge-read this in a night. Seriously, this fic is amazing - from the historical backdrop, to the philosophies, to the careful attention to Viking culture where appropriate and actually impactful to the story. I heard you'd been gone for a while before you posted, it's amazing to see that you came back.

That being said, I hope you're doing alright where you are. I can't wait for the next chapters - all the best to you and your writing.

(And one more thing - what do you think about cross-posting Prodigal Son to Archive of Our Own? The HTTYD audience (especially for the Hiccup Runs Away trope) is still fairly sizeable and strong - this would be an amazing addition to the Archive's collection. Whatever you do, all the best!)
9/11 c40 uzu i-sa
I loved this fic, I think I read it all in four days.
Every moment of the 40 chapters was excellent, it was incredible how you used the wide world of HTTYD. Hiccup's short life in Alexandria was fun to read, also sad but realistic in the way everything ended with Shahira.
I was fascinated by the way you did Astrid's problems. The robbery at Stoick's house, his "confession of eternal love to Hiccup", the blackmail of the Jorgensons' marriage, the bad reputation with the Dragon Rider. Especially how she was able to meet and tame Stormfly. Seeing how she understood and processed that her Nadder is not just a beast was one of the most emotional moments.
Anyway, I loved the way the last update ended. That was a moment that I have been waiting for for many chapters.
I hope you can update soon. Seriously, you left the last chapter at a bad time, now I'm desperate to know what happened to Hiccup and Astrid
9/2 c40 killerstreak
correction 9 years ... yikes.
9/2 c40 killerstreak
i love the fic absolutely but come on ... 40 chapters in over 7 years.
8/28 c40 2Sheikh1
Hey! I love this story so far! Though as an Arab, I didn’t like the way you are portraying us. Arabs didn’t destroy the Library at Alexandria, it was destroyed centuries before the conquest of Egypt. It was more likely destroyed by Julius Caesar and his legion. If anything, I’d think that most of the inhabitants of Alexandria likely survived the conquests. Early Arab Caliphates were not known to slaughter entire cities for the heck of it. I especially those from the 8th or 9th centuries.
8/27 c40 delpretelorenzo16
for me the real problem with the story is that the charachters don't know that for changing the mind of someone you need proof, seeing an already trained dragon is not enough, it was more credible the way that Astrid convinced her mother, because she is one of them
8/26 c10 delpretelorenzo16
this reminder of history of mathematic is very much appreciated
8/26 c1 delpretelorenzo16
9 years and this still goes?
yep, this will never end
8/22 c40 Lizzy.grim
First off, cheers to you! This story can't have been easy to stick with after all these years and through COVID! I sincerely say thank you, it's amazing. I'm awaiting patiently for the next chapter!
8/20 c40 AvirRapter
Oh, my.
8/19 c40 merlinisabamf
UGH this was so good, i just read and binged this story and I can't wait to see what happens next.
8/19 c8 AvirRapter
Holy shit, Varangian Hiccup. Man must've been loaded during his time with them.
8/19 c2 AvirRapter
Hiccup out in the world actually goin' aviking (minus the raping and pillaging)
(presumably, on the pillaging part)
8/18 c35 Nai Darkor
I completely forgot just how much I started to fear Fishleg after reading those manipulations of his.
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