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for Prodigal Son

9/16 c37 dsty292
Lovely writing as always.
8/31 c37 4tanis19
I hope you update this soon. I have read and reread this story 4 times now. I think you have done a wonderful job and I wish to see where this goes.
8/22 c37 2Watcher in the dark
good on you for continuing your writing, I look forward to future chapters
8/21 c37 AcceleratorStrongestLv5
Nice work
8/20 c1 Cvxx
I liked the story but your vision of Islam is a bit right at the time as a muslim and avid reader of Islamic history I’ve found the umayt caliphate as a dark stain in Islamic history sure the first ruler was a devout musilm and was a good ruler it took a dark turn with his son who was a tyrant and is hated in the Islamic community in a way his rule influenced other’s in his caliphate but Alexandria and Egypt as whole was in Islamic rule since the of rule of the sahaba
7/30 c10 Kairuf
Okay I really want to enjoy your story but you keep mixing and matching your historical eras in a rather nonsensical manner. I think you mentioned it is set in roughly 900 CE but you have references to the Library of Alexandria as if it still is in existence, even though it’s destruction OTL was 48 BCE, and had a soapbox about flat earth even though that view only became common in around 1200 CE.

Also you had Hiccup chased out of town as a witch, when witches only started to be demonized during the renaissance.
7/29 c37 duclvr789
I am happy to see you return to this story. it is one of my favorites in the Fandom
7/25 c10 Sothur
I'm gonna be straight witch you, I'm learning more history here than I do in class. Thank you!
7/20 c1 Guest
Its a good story... If you want to feel at school again... Like wtf i got a to like chapter 14-15 and there like 6-7 of these that make you feel at school again...
7/19 c37 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter, excellent story so far glad to see your back
7/18 c37 7Dark-heika
This is the truth: humans... are selfish creatures.

This isn't unique to us. The nature of life is selfishness. Those who take prosper, while those who give are taken from. The world is cold and cruel, and there is never enough for everyone. Even those with the fortune of being born in a place of plenty will still put others down without a thought for sadism and greed. Even their friends. Even their family. Even their own children. This will never change. If you place your faith in the inherent goodness of humanity, you'll be let down again and again.

But... you can't move past your weaknesses by being blind to them. Every day, just as there are selfish people who murder and cheat and lie and steal to help themselves, there are people who walk through fire and give blood and money alike to ease others' suffering. And I find that someone who defies their nature to do good is so much more worthy of note than someone whose nature was good to begin with.

There is good in this world. It is distant and elusive, and is always in danger of being snuffed out. But we aren't lost just yet. Look to the light. Reach for it, every day. If enough of us make that choice, then maybe, just maybe, we'll all live to see a brighter tomorrow.

I'm sorry for your family's losses. And I'm sorry to hear that your journey took you to a dark place. But I'm glad that you decided to walk onwards in spite of it, whether it takes the form of this story or not.

Take care of yourself.
6/26 c1 kirstenabigail5
Still the best fan fiction I've ever read
6/25 c37 temporary0username
I've read this story a few years ago and as soon as I noticed an update I decided to reread it. I have to say this story is amazing and, just like the last time, I really enjoyed reading it so far. I'm glad you are continuing to write this story. Thank you for your hard work and looking forward to what comes next!
6/17 c37 rcmastah
Just finished reading this all the way through, and I absolutely love it! I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the great work!
6/16 c37 1Beta117
Bro I just decided to reread this story and I got near the end when I noticed things I don’t remember reading before and I looked at the update date. No lie I fucking pogged when I saw it was updated just a few months ago.
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