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for Prodigal Son

1/16 c36 Guest
Thank you for sharing this!
1/10 c36 Guest
When are ya gonna finish the book?
1/8 c36 4Ocean.breezzq
PLEASE update! I need more of this story! It's not too late! You haven't passed the 5 year mark yet!
1/6 c25 Ocean.breezzq
OMG I have been waiting for this! Yay!
12/22/2020 c1 Deepanshu Payaal
Pls continue this
12/17/2020 c34 Guest
God why is hiccup such a bitch. Like jesus christ. Let him have a little back bone
12/17/2020 c36 Guest
No updates in two years. Just when the story has started to get *really* interesting...
12/13/2020 c36 MageofFlames
Excellent story, I hope you return to it
12/7/2020 c21 NightHowler0
Oh snap! That is worth the world to Stoick.
12/7/2020 c3 NightHowler0
I like this Fishlegs.
12/7/2020 c2 NightHowler0
This is amazing. I love his relationship with toothless.
12/7/2020 c1 NightHowler0
Does it feel surreal having this fanfic as the most followed HTTYD fanfic on FanFiction? Especially with it being your first in this fandom?
12/5/2020 c36 bigman02
read this whole thing last night, got to be the best fic i’ve read, hope you get back to this cheers
11/25/2020 c36 Just a bored Highschooler
confirm hiccup is a tactician
11/7/2020 c36 breakingheart93
Wow. Just wow. I loved Hitchups and I’m happy to say I love this less mystic take on httyd. It’s incredibly enlightening especially when viewed through the lens of history. This is so many hundreds of years ago and yet you bring it all to life so beautifully. Well done and I hope you continue writing.
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