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9/10/2017 c1 Guest
Really sad
1/28/2016 c1 33Gamerwhogames
This is to bullies who think they're better than everyone! Look at what you're doing! And crazy thing is, those real-life trollfaces think this kind of stuff is COOL. Acting like 'Ah, man! It's so cool to be a jerk! Woo!' :c
11/10/2015 c1 87Shana Hager
Yes! I am 100% against bullying!
But how is Samus his half-sister?
6/7/2015 c1 Guest
Wow. You really have no idea how to write Dark Pit, do you?
5/8/2015 c1 Cookie Mayhem

I. Am. Against.


Have peace, world.
3/20/2015 c1 The Vindicat0r
It really is quite sad that this is not just fictional. Bullying like this actually happens in real life. And the outcome could be exactly like what Dark Pit did. September's Children is proof enough of that.
3/5/2015 c1 mono-ChromeEX
I'd review under my real account, but I kinda forgot my email AND password...heh.

Anyways, I truly enjoyed this! It hurt to read all of Pittoo's thoughts...and his suicide hurt the worst. I'm extremely against bullying, and it crushes my heart to think that if these characters had feelings to express, this would be more accurate.

Pittoo needs more love from the Smash Bros fandom, don't you think? ; u ;
2/13/2015 c1 UH23408udss342o8dfs
Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Great story!
2/1/2015 c1 Guest
This is just terrible and the worst thing is it happens to real people I am so against this
12/15/2014 c1 9Argonian Dovahkiin
I cried a little reading this. You should totally make a sequel, mostly because I want to know what Lucina's reaction would be
11/10/2014 c1 9LadyLucina28
WTF?! Okay I know people hate Dark Pit for being a clone but I love him. But that's beside the point. I mean Dark Pit would be too proud to take his own life even if it is living hell at least on my perspective. Anyway can you make a fanfic on Pit, Samus, and Lucina's and maybe everyone's reaction to what happened. It would be nice to see it.
10/24/2014 c1 shadowbird2103
I love your story, I'm 100% against bullying it's just so mean. But I'm very sure Sonic would never bully anyone but I'm not sure about captain falcon, Browser would cause his that of person. But over all Great story!
10/23/2014 c1 23booklover4816
Even English speakers have trouble writing in English. As long as you try, it doesn't really matter. This was really sad, but it seems like a good story idea. Maybe introduce the bystander effect or everybody's reactions. Personally, I think Pit would be devastated if Dark Pit would do something like this. Then again, the self-harm/suicide fanfics I do normally are about Pit. Actually, I don't think I've ever written one where it isn't about Pit. I know what it's like to be bullied.
10/13/2014 c1 Joe Orsini
If that really happened, Dark Pit would've been replaced by either Wolf or Mewtwo; either that, or Shadow would have to be a replacement unlockable character by letting Master Hand become one instead of just an Assist Trophy.
10/10/2014 c1 PikaLoverNYA
So sad... *sniff* I can help him by spreading the love of Dark Pit and let the whole world that never bully everyone because bullying is not welcome to this world. I like Dark Pit.
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