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for Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-5DMXal: Book 2 - Advent of the Shadow Riders

5/9/2018 c1 11KnightLawn
This is a neat idea.
4/19/2017 c17 17Weeb that's a Sheep
See, I like authors who can both write and review, this story is very good, I mean, its enough for me to read beyond the first chapter, so I must give you props for that!
5/8/2016 c1 58Falneou17
Yeah… sorry about the delay, I've been really busy with a lot of stuff to the point that I couldn't get the chance to sit down to read and review this story… anyways, an interesting idea… removing Jaden and rewriting GX… So let me try and this straight… Chazz/Alexis/Atticus/Syrus/Crowler all have memories of the third season, but are all the age of the first?

I don't know what to say about the actual chapter, really… it is a redux of the first episode, and since that was more character introductions than anything, so is this… I should continue reading the other chapters to find out more, though I don't think I can until the end of this week at the fastest, unfortunately… it got a lot of potential, and I must say I like where it is going so far, though! I'll look forward to reading the next chapter! Whenever that may be…
1/31/2016 c18 58DigiConjurer
Two days late, oh well.
It was an alright chapter, even if it did feel like slight filler.
12/5/2015 c17 29Demons of the arch angel
Sorry for the late review. Real life sucks. Anyways, I will gladly accept this wonderfully-crafted chapter as a Christmas present. It was awesome!

Midori is now the head of the Slifer dorm and Chumley is now working in Industrial Illusions. Sounds like the Slifers were busy, especially Syrus. So many people want to beat him because he's so awesome. :D

Dang, that scene with Jasmine made me want to reorganize my Deck. XD
I'm so glad that you actually put that Jasmine thought her experience was really weird and trippy. That's another element that makes this story so enjoyable.

I loved the Duel between Jasmine and Alexis, especially the way you described everything. It was an enjoyable Duel, just like its predecessors. Unlike its predecessors, it introduces a new, interesting way of playing out that was really fun.

Also, even if the tone of the Duel was serious, it did have comedic elements that gave off the same vibe that several Duels over the 5 Yu-Gi-Oh series' have. From Alexis's cool puns (Ha.) to Lyna trying to show-off, it was really funny. And that's what a Duel should feel like when it's not one that holds the whole world at stake.

The best part of this Duel was seeing how these two female Duelists have improved over the course of this fic. They weren't so strong in GX as they are now. You show character development and I'm glad that you do. It's really fun to read.

Akiza watching the Duel and appearing was so shocking. Before she was introduced and was just the unknown spectator, I was wondering who the hell she was. So I was really surprised and happy at seeing her.

I love how Alexis immediately says that she's not going to give up on the life she has. I'm proud of her. I know I'd say the same thing.

Brace yourselves. Something sinister is growing. And I can't wait to see what it is!

I'm really excited to know what happens next, ya know! Your amazing skills shine once more and you're improving! Good job on everything!

See you in the next chapter!

- Whims of Anime
12/5/2015 c17 58DigiConjurer
So, in other words, this multiverse has just grown a bit bigger. That, and a new group of heroes have joined the party. Sounds good.
11/16/2015 c16 1ShadowFireHime-Sama
is jay going to come back?
10/30/2015 c16 29Demons of the arch angel
You never cease to amaze me, every chapter never disappointing and being about as cool as its predecessors.

Zane vs. Syrus: The Ultimate Sibling Battle
Zane retains his bad-ass reputation and Syrus shows off his own awesome moves. These two brothers were almost equal and I was rooting for both because they were both good and pulled off great moves during the Duel.

OP Avatars of the Gentle Darkness? I don't think so.
I was able to handle Syrus losing to Zane because it shows that he didn't become an undefeatable badass when he was reincarnated as an avatar of the Gentle Darkness.

I laughed when the girl shouted that Syrus's card was girly. Hey, my brothers played "girly" cards to Duel me and it worked out for them the way it did for Sy.

In other words, Syrus kinda became Jaden. AKA: People want to beat the number one Slifer Red. Good luck with that, Sy. :P

The Duel was very descriptive and, as usual, intense. Your Duels are so amazing and entertaining. I don't want to ever stop reading them.

Badass characters, Epic Duel, Amazing Dialogue and Excellent interactions Another Great Chapter!

I'll be waiting for the next chapter patiently. It takes time to write such wonderful pieces.

- Whims of Anime
10/30/2015 c16 58DigiConjurer
This feels really non-sequitur. Other than that, the whole duel going on for hours seems a little unrealistic.
10/12/2015 c15 6MangoLimePie
Well now...this chapter certainly did its job of giving us surprises. Also I love the Midori part. Horahkty was also a very nice touch. Now, onto another matter. Is ot just me, or was Mindy a little cocky and eager here? Regardless if which, I love it. Alexis continues to show sheer badassery and Chazz always has a witty remark. Zane is confused out of his mind I am willing to bet. Who knew Syrus would be so darn chill? XD Disgusting hellspawn behind the door? Syrus: "...Meh..." Zane: -Eyebrow raise- All hilarity aside? This was a well writen chapter and I look forward to more.
10/8/2015 c14 MangoLimePie
My apologies for not getting to this sooner. I do believe that the duel was played out brilliantly! Alexis's strategy worked in their favor the whole way through. I rather like the air of confidence Syrus had for a moment. That speech was quite serious for Sy, hence why I loved it. They deserved that victory. Well written and well played! Once again, sorry for the super late review. Certain difficulties prevented me from getting to this. I shall review the next chapter soon.
10/2/2015 c5 6Ultimateblack
I commend your lexical terms. Your vocabulary can be described as an arsenal, something I can't obtain just yet. There is so much going on that I cant keep my head clear. Perhaps I'll reread this story some other day. For now, I'm getting a headache
10/1/2015 c3 Ultimateblack
I can see where Alexis is coming from, not trusting a stranger who gives her a weird card. Why the ice barriers and The End dragons? Strange choice. How will this be part of the plot? Or were they just random choices?

My God I cringed at Alexis' words. The way she replied to Harrison... "I never said I was." just... Urgh, what? Granted, she was grossed out by the guy but seriously, she could have kept silent or replied with "show me what you've got". I'm just nitpicking here.

Tarzan boy. I remember that episode! Jaden Got Strawberry!

Then, it's an interesting kuriboh based deck. A level 7 furball as strong as the BEWD. Even I have to call BS on that. Otherwise, the duels are fun. Not bad
10/1/2015 c15 58DigiConjurer
I sort of want to see Kaiba react to this. Other than that, I believe we've reached our true villain. That or one of your digimon villains accidentally breaches through.
10/1/2015 c2 6Ultimateblack
First off, the front part was mysterious. I can't help but wonder if Leo and Luna are the twins from 5ds. Then we get to the duel with Chazz vs Bastion. I have to say that there was a confusing part, "PoG for him and NS for him" could have been more specified to who drew what. Apparently Bastion remembers Chazz using LaDD as well, but that was from the manga. How does that tie up with the anime? Finally I liked Bastion's reaction to Chazz explaining POG of all things. It's like facing redundant players in real life. When I watched the dub version of yugioh, I was like 'man can they stop talking and actually duel?' whereas the Japanese original had less of that. It's kinda funny to read the dub version like this one though. I had a hilarious recall of Chazz summoning Hell Bastard (cythonian warrior) and the monster wailing WHERE IS MY FATHER?! I DONT HAVE A FATHER XD. Good call, the duel was handled well. I was worried that you'd insert new monsters and completely different cards but at least you used familiar stuff. Nicely done
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