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8/21/2015 c1 RozuKozumi
This is so cute in a way. Is this how you actually feel? If so, *hugs you* you'll be fine sorry for not saying anything super touching or Anything because I don't know if rhinos how you actually feel or not. And I don't want to get into deep shit and make myself cry :)
6/14/2015 c1 8diadustgazellelover
maybe i hurt you with what im writing but i feel the same as you. im 14 now and seriously i feel so damn alone inthis world i feel like dying. my parents only care about my brother sicnce he makes a lot of problems for us so i was all alone when i was around 5. i got betrayed and left alone by my friends in grade school and always got bullied because i was so week so i tried to bee stronger. i grew to hate people but a girl in 5th grade got me hope on a better life. of course, she had to betray me to and the mobbing continued after she told all my screts to the class. i started forming a wall of smiles and bravery only to hide my crying face when i could. i started cutting myself when i was 12, that was when my parents got me to a freakin orphanage for 3 weeks to have some space. i tried killing myself right after i got back home by jumping of the balcony (we live on the 6th floor.) i miraculously survived but my parents didnt even seem to care. no, i dont see a docter to fix my mental problems cause nobody freakin sees. even when the balcony thing happend i just said i fell of and they believed me. i really wish someone would just come round and break these walls cause i cant stand it any longer. sorry i wrote like my whole lifestory in here but i can relate to you somehow and i really wish to apologize for the behaviour of humanity towards people like us
9/21/2014 c1 Maaike Bakker
Wow, ik moest even slikken toen ik dit las... Wat heftig allemaal. Dit leven wens je niemant toe. Ik vind het erg knap dat je met zulke emoties dagelijks vecht en toch zulke mooie verhalen schrijft. Mijn respect heb je!
9/19/2014 c1 SaturatedFat
I love your story. It is good, and you deserve reviews for this.

But there's one thing that bothers me...
Aren't 'my-dad-died' or 'my-mother-died' or 'dead-parents'... kind of cliched?
I'm sorry if I offend you. I mean, it's up to people to decide their own OC's history, but...
Never mind. Don't worry about it.

This is nice, anyway.

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