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for Born in Pain: The 25th Hunger Games

12/27/2017 c14 2curiousclove
Hi! I have been reading your fanfics for a few weeks now! I loved the one about Holly, adored Sterling in the 9th, and was rooting for Maeren in the 10th. I’ve been reading these since before I got a fanfic account, which was just yesterday.
On a side note, I just joined and am creating my first SYOT. I would love to have a tribute from your making in it because I bet you can think of a great storyline! Feel free to look at the first chapter of my story, Deserted: The 52nd Hunger Games, and there is a form for a tribute if you want. If not, that’s totally ok, I am really enjoying reading this!
7/17/2015 c44 Guest
Really good writing wise the only bone I have to pick though is The environment was really confusing in the story so I was unable to picture it in my mind.
5/20/2015 c44 7SomeDays
Woah, I love this epilouge! It was possibly one of the best I've read. There was so much emotion in it and I loved how it tied up any lose ends and it placed a good stepping ground for 'For a Reason'.

Brennan really is a great victor, this proved that, and he has grown into a great mentor as well. The little scene with Lyta and Miles was so sweet and emotional, it actually brought a tear to my eye.

And then Blythe's sister! Jeez, I wish she wasn't so harsh on him, but obviously it's more than understandable. I felt so bad for Brennan.

Anyway, so that's the end of Born in Pain? I loved this so much I can't even describe, it was truly amazing and I shall kinda miss it, but we have For a Reason now! So...woo! xD
5/17/2015 c44 18kopycat101
Whoo! The epilogue is finally heeeeeere! :D
This SYOT was a joy to read and follow. Very engaging, great tributes and characterization. It was great to have Ryzer be a part of the legacy, I'm so glad I'm in your next one as well ;v;

Silas is so awesomely wise. One hour of every day. Just one hour. And that's barely enough-becoming too much-time to grieve and remember the Games.
It's a really good way to cope
Its sad that he's been in the mindset of what he HAS to do, from the Games- thinking in cold cut logic- that he cant even know what he WANTS to do anymore
But he's moving forwards, which is the first step
And he's...Gonna call Silas B)

One gift each for each fallen tribute
Holy shit thats 35 things, and made from various 3d media too
All made with one hand, by Brennan himself
And he took so much time and effort, gathered enough information that he could, to make each one special and fitting ;A;
["Are you ready for this?"
Brennan shook his head. "Absolutely not."] I dont think any Victor is truly ready for the Victory, to see the loved ones and District of the dead children that didnt survive when the Victor does
But they have to do it anyways

So we get to see the Victory Tour from the eyes of Blythe's little sister. Ouch ;A;
Of course she's going to hate Brennan. He murdered Blythe when she was unarmed and his former ally.
All Brennan's little gifts are perfect tho wtf. Francis' was perfect, because scales also stand for justice and logic? Ugh the symbolism is great

Those two little kids are just so scared and dont want to fight, but Brennan is right. Its not worth it, to not play the Game, to go against the Capitol
Brennan's now taken up a hobby of making trinkets for his fallen Tributes to give to their loved ones, to remember them. Oh gosh, that's perfect for Brennan. It gives him a purpose, and it really fits with his character
He's such a great Mentor. He's great at giving advice, but doesnt sugarcoat anything. He's to the point, yet he's still there to comfort his tributes. ;v;

I really love the insight of Brennan and some of the others in the events of the 41st. Like, damn, its great worldbuilding
Glenn is still writing the legacy of his Tributes! Awww, it's good that he's kept it up for so many years :')
That ideology...How Brennan connects it to his former allies...Its so true, especially the last line. It's been too many years, and Brennan has too much blood on his hands, to believe it to be true. Ouch ;-;

5/17/2015 c44 1Khloe Grace
What a great ending to a truly amazing story! I can't wait for the next one to progress, and am so happy to be a small part of it.:)
5/17/2015 c44 SpaceAgeDino
An excellent thematic and symbolic conclusion to BIP. Brennan's decision to make trinkets for the families of the fallen is a sincere gesture befitting of his character. His eulogy for the other D12 tributes, particularly Blythe, made for a compelling but saddening scene. I liked how measured Brennan was when discussing the rebel conspiracy with his tributes. He was calm and insightful in referring to what happened to Niles. The final segment made for an emotional closing by referencing Brennan's alllies and BIP's general theme.
5/17/2015 c44 4bobothebear

As usual, the writing was absolutely stunning and powerful, but that's been long declared to be the norm with this story and all the rest. I love the emotion and meaning you put behind every action and piece of dialogue; it cuts right to what's necessary and highlights that to the max. It gives each word more power than ever.

ANYWAY the gifts i cannot ihiraegtbn ;_; brennan's a pretty good mentor bless and I'm glad to see that he convinced his tributes not to be idiots, saving four tributes from Twelve. Nice work dude!

i loved this story so much from the reapings to the space station back to the capitol and it's bittersweet to watch it go. just kidding it's just bitter i'd love for this to never stop but alas! the end has been reached. it's been an absolutely fantastic run as usual!

thanks elim! looking forward to FAR!
5/16/2015 c44 inhumanity
Great epilogue.

I like the concept behind Brennan’s hobby – he’s making sure that all of the fallen tributes are remembered, and I respect that. The tie in to For a Reason was really good, too. Even though Brennan's still troubled by his past, he's a good mentor.
5/16/2015 c44 10BamItsTyler

Where have you been?! I was about to start passing out flyers about your absence. I've raised $100,000 for your ransom if any were to arise...I missed you...

But legitimately, I'm glad you're back, and I hope that if you had any "downs" in your life outside of this site, that you're doing a little bit better enough to write.

Seriously, I thought you lost your muse with For a Reason. :/, like I was telling my crew of friends, I would've cried if you gave up on that story.

Umm, right. I liked the way you developed your writing in which the time frame has evolved over time. Writing out all the obituaries would've been a pain to do, so I understand your indecisiveness on how to finish this story for good. Again, the way you write Silas is so suave and intellectual, I'm really drawn to his character. I wonder how he'll do as President. Im hoping for moments like Hyde/Florum. The gifts brennan made were a nice touch as well...I could understand, but am mad at with the victors who didn't take the time to return his calls so he could get those gifts shipped to the families...it sucks. All in all Brennan has grown into quite the compassionate mentor (from what I get.) and its nice that the tributes of the 41st were given the advice to go on their own free will.

Great end, to a great story.

Now get working! I can't wait to see Presley!
3/29/2015 c43 inhumanity
I felt that Brennan was still mostly out of it for a big chunk of this chapter. Everything seemed to go by so fast; he never really got a chance to react to killing Blythe – and all the others. I hope he can find some semblance of normalcy after the Games, when he returns to Twelve. I loved that little interaction between him and Silas at the end, by the way.

Is his hand ever gonna get better? Probably the biggest question this story has left me with.
3/29/2015 c43 1Khloe Grace
I'm interested to see what Brennan is like in this next SYOT. I think he will heal to some extent. How symbolic that his hand is still stuck in that grip, that was a great idea. I'm sad that we probably won't be hearing from Silas again. What a great character!
3/28/2015 c43 18kopycat101
I'd die in the bloodbath, tbh, or somehow manage to survive for a day xD
Whoop, another chapter, ayyyyy

The silence must be really ominous and odd, after so many days in a humming space station
Plus, Mercury had tried to choke him, and he's still breathing
And he's safe

Fresh water after all the stale bottled water, tap water, and blood...
Brendan, chill, Silas is there to help you...Although his reaction makes sense
Holy shit, his right hand has nerve damage? Oh man, and here was to hoping he'd be able to open it again
Brennannnnn D: Poor kid's still in a state, and he regrets the death, but he also wants to live
And he forgives Silas! Good. I mean, if it hadnt been for Silas' moving them around, maybe the outcome couldve been different

He's going to have to have that final interview :0
The replay/summary of the Games, with his thoughts interspersed...Brennan ended up betraying his allies and leaving them for dead, but he's alive for it
But awwwww, he cried for what he did for Blythe. Which is a natural reaction, they were so close before he'd killed her l;kajkldfjl
WILL Brennan ever let go? The world may never know
Until we see an update on him later on, that is
And now Brennan is home back in Twelve, as the lone Victor. You go, kid
3/28/2015 c43 6santiago.poncini20
Brenan u.u. RIP everyone other tribute.
3/16/2015 c42 7SomeDays
Alasdair- Okay, so his death legit made me cry. I loved Alasdair and the fact that Brennan told him his name before he died was so sweet. Aw, Alasdair was such a little, cute, boy and he is perhaps my favourite young tribute ever in any syot. I've not cried, like, actual tears in a while during an syot. So yeah...it was so beautiful but so sad at the same time.

R.I.P angel, gosh, that was sad.

Mercury- She was never really a favourite of mine, just a neutral, but she was sweet. She cared about a lot of people in the games, and I kinda of liked that, when she died, she thought about them and how it wouldn't have been too bad for her to join them.

Brennan- So. If you would have told me this at the begining I would have been 'really?' but awesome. He's a quite awesome, kinda surprising, victor. He deserved this. Well, so many of them deserved this.

*sigh* So much emotion in this chapter. I was more upset with Alasdairs death than I was my own tribute haha. That's always the case though, I grow attached to other tributes more than my own. I look forward to your next SYOT. Im currently making you a tribute and then will be sending them over...at some point...before the deadline anyways :3
3/16/2015 c42 1Khloe Grace
I was instantly excited when I saw who the first POV belonged to. Alistern always has insightful things to say and is really such an interesting character. It was nice to hear from him.
I can completely sympathize with Mercury. This arena is really confusing for her mto figure out where she needs to be, but yet, she doesn't want to wander around aimlessly. Poor girl.
Oh Alasdair, of course they aren't going to take you away to safety when you have pursuer. I hope you were expecting a fight. I don't care who wins, just please not Alasdair!
Okay, I'm glad that Alasdair is dead now... really bad of me to say, but still I'm glad. It was smart of him to offer the alliance as a way out, but really it was even smarter of Brennan to kill him right then and there.
This is going to be so predictable if Brennan wins, no matter how much I like him and would be happy.
Yes, he did win. I have mixed feelings.
I love the pilot POV at the end. That was so different from anything you had done before. She had some good things to say and it's interesting because reading the story, you take for granted all of the things the characters are actually going through. Her POV put it all into perspective.
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