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for The Unknown Visitor from Another Galaxy

11/14/2022 c9 Ltbutterfly287
having him recite the sith code was kind of cringe dude, you can't have a complete OOC sith and then have him be cringe, doesn't help that you literally had him call the sith a jedi code all but foolish constraints earlier
11/14/2022 c6 Ltbutterfly287
The fact that you put will walye survive the fall in the author notes is insulting and jedi and sith worth their salt can enhance their bodies to move at the speeds or ruby completely outclass yang and nora in strength to the point of chocking any elder grimm to death with their hands, not to mention slow their descent on extremely large drops to reduce any danger.
11/14/2022 c1 Ltbutterfly287
Just want to point want that the empire and republic only mapped and operated within roughly 25% of the galaxy.
11/11/2022 c85 Guest
Wayle Tyran encounters the Slanni, Kinebrach and the Drukhari and Asuryani Eldar Species among with the Laer and he learns many phylosophical principles and knowledge and he sees this Xenos races
11/11/2022 c1 Guest
I was thinking about that an update of the Unknown Visitor From Another Galaxy could come this 2022

I Hope yo see RWBY Volume 8 and 9 in this Fanfiction

Maybe around the Galaxy in which Remnant is located could be around 3 satellite Galaxies, and some Races of Warhammer could inhabit this Galaxies, for example, the Eldar, that are a physic race of Xenos
10/8/2022 c83 Guest
Escribe 2 versiones de esta misma exacta historia , es algo que quiero pedirte
9/28/2022 c25 Guest
You should also start showing us Ren, Mora, Jaune, Ruby and Weiss and Yang in the Vol 4-5 outfites
9/28/2022 c85 Guest
Escenas del grupo en Mistral y de Menagerie del Volumen 5 de RWBY podrían formar parte del siguiente capítulo de este Crossover Fanfiction
9/24/2022 c79 Guest
Hunstmen , not hunter , grammatical correction required in chapter 79
9/24/2022 c83 Guest
Next Update of the argument of the Unknown Visitor From Another Galaxy could be this :
1. The events that are in motion after the Fall of Beacon and Salem's forces and Maiden defeat , including showing us that scene of Salem council in Volume 4 but a little modified , for example , Mercury and Emerald are not present in the meeting because Wayle captured them both , and things for Salem faction didnt go so well has originally happen in RWBY , wich makes tensions and frustration
high , and that scene could show us more about Salem thoughts , reactions , Knowledge
9/23/2022 c85 Guest
Podria ser interesante ver como los Sith sienten a traves de la Fuerza la muerte de Darth Melaion y el choque de poderes por suceder que esta a punto de ocurrir entre 2 bandos en el planeta Remnant
8/29/2022 c1 Guest
When is your Next up date, we are awaiting paciently
8/20/2022 c85 Guest
. Sable de Luz de doble hoja, como el de Darth Maul

. Su especie es un Clawdite y usa una capa

. Es un antiguo conocido y tocó alguna vez cierta atracción o admiración amorosa por Wayle pero este jamás correspondió a esos sentimientos suyos

8/20/2022 c85 Guest
Próximo capítulo 86
Eventos y argumento de la novela canónica de RWBY After the Fall y algunas escenas del Volumen 5

Escenas de Corsac y Fennec y sus planes, y escenas de Wayle y sus pensamientos, planes, reacciones
8/15/2022 c85 Guest
Vas a actualizar pronto con un nuevo capítulo este fic?
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