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for Everybody Wants to Rule the World

6/12/2019 c34 jen.xtt
I've just read your entire fic tonight and it was lovely, such a good and emotional read, focusing on the mind and emotions which works really well. honestly cried so much in the last chapter, a beautiful ending x
6/4/2018 c34 3emki laila
oh god I'm crying its 5 in the morning and I refused to sleep before finishing this story oh god its wonderful ,I was a bit frustrated with Eleanor in the beginning because as the others says they don't have passion for her but god this story is the first of fictions I read that make me cry for months now damn it I can't stop
5/9/2018 c10 Fangirl.Material
I’m not even half way into this story and it’s stolen my heart. I was a little frustrated in the beginning because Elenor is so helpless and so mad. But I can’t stop. This story has a certain charm to it and I love it.
4/17/2018 c34 Anarok
Hey... can anyone help me find a story that not a slash or a girl self insert? Please? Almost every story I found is either of that two or very poor written. Preferably a story that only include the original characters that act true to their sex. Thank you
3/26/2018 c33 Guest
Good Job, I’m bawling my eyes out rn like gurl please my heart can’t take all this drama. Does the ending mean they’re both dead like ma gad I loved both of them and their romance so much
3/13/2018 c33 Guest
I'm sobbing help
2/14/2018 c34 Guest
This story is almost 3 years old and this is the second time I’ve read it. I have no idea if you still read reviews for this story, but I just wanted to say that this story reminded me how much I love the maze runner. There’s a lot of crappy fanfics out there, but this one is so good it makes them all worth it. Thank you for this story, it makes me cry every time.
2/8/2018 c33 lyfecy
I haven’t cried in so long because of a story. Thank you for writing this. This was an amazing read.
1/30/2018 c34 Guest
You know you’re a good writer when you leave your reader in tears. You’re a good writer. I have to see through the tears to type this I hope you’re happy
1/10/2018 c33 ihavenowifi
This story was amazing to read. I'm normally not the kind of person who cries when I read something sad,I'm too emotionally screwed at this point for that,but this story almost did make me cry. I could feel the tears in my eyes as I read this finale. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this and to let you know that I'm on my way to go check out more of your work since I think you're an amazing author.
12/22/2017 c34 Guest
This is pretty much the best thing I've ever read. I've read it three times, and I cry all through it every time I do.
10/29/2017 c34 Ginabob
I just want to say that I love this fic
8/5/2017 c34 Guest
I am sad. I ended the story right now and I don't know what to think. Life's cruel sometimes. And I don't understand how people can be so selfish. (Considering the fact that I am selfish too)
I guess even though all of us know we are going to die we still don't believe it. I know I don't. It comes to me sometimes only. The realization that we indeed are going to die. Rarely. When I am alone and everything is quite.
James Dashner's books portray such a face of humanity it makes you shiver.
In the end I just wanna say "your words untangle me"
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