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for Slayed Slaine?

11/26/2014 c1 Obsucuria
Well. It's hard to meet someone, who understands that Slaine isn't the one who really fucked this situation. I mean the moment Inaho said "Yes. You're my enemy" I was like oh well. He just saved your lives so... ARE U FCKING DUMB?! Srsly. I can't understand ppl who likes this guy. He's just a emotionless dumb robot guy who seems to be so smart, that every other char looks dumb. I just totally hate this guy. I didn't (and still do) give a fuck about him whether he die or not (but I have to say that i'm quite happy he died)

I'm just sad, that Slaine has to suffer the most, even when he was innocence. An happy ending with him ending up with the princess is impossible now. And somehow he reminds me of a RPG character form my friend so I even like him more xD (even though I never watched the Anime but ghe reviews, comments etc. Facebook is sometimes full of spoilers ._. )

Well back to the more important stuff
I like this fanfic. Mainly because of Slaine xD
Ok jokes aside.
You described Slaine very well and I guess his feelings would be uust like that. He feels so terrible guilty, it's really hard to read without wanting to cry and punch Inaho in the face for this one stupid sentence (at least for me. I really dunno why I hate Inaho this hard.)
Why can't my favorite characters stop suffering and finally get an happy end they deserves?

Phew. I should stop writing xD

Sorry for the spam
10/9/2014 c1 Me
Nice story.

Slaine is still best boy. He did nothing wrong.

But I am so mad because people still think Urobuchi wrote the characters but he didn't, oh my god. Urobuchi only wrote the outline and the characters, like Inaho, where created by Aoki.

Spoilers: Urobuchi didn't like the Inaho the director, Aoki, created.
10/9/2014 c1 Mustang Unknown
In this case, the enemy made him realize something; the freedom to choose. (Pardon me, I forgot that guy with a red and black mech) The enemy made him realize that what he chooses will shape his future and I'm kinda happy for what the enemy did. Yeah, Slaine is pitiable. Nobody cared for him except the princess, so it would be understandable if he resented anyone who dared to take her away from him, but not to the point of killing a person. So, I have this love-hate thing for this guy. But, if I were to choose who was more righteous, that would be Inaho.
10/9/2014 c1 Mustang Unknown
I saw your explanation at the end of your Fiction, anc I must say, I both pity you and kinda symphatize with you. I pity you because of how you explained 'Inoha' to be far more or less than a hero, when in fact, he 'was' (past tense because he just died) a hero. He saved the princess many times, saved lots of peoples lives, and most of all, placed his life at risk just to save everyone. I'm not saying that I like him, but I won't be saying that I hate him as well. During the A/Z interview, it was explained that Inoha was an anti social (that's how I define a stoic person) in his life, he was calm and rational when it comes to life-threatening issues. Now, for that Slaine guy. This guy is so awe- not. Sorry to say this, but, this guy-s a wack-o. He's kinda 'obsessed' with the Princess. I was relieved when Inaho said that they were enemies, because if he didn't, Slaine would kill Inaho if he found/finds out that the princess indeed like Inaho. More so, he helped an enemy. Though, in this cas
10/7/2014 c1 4Blood tinted rain
Yeah I really hated how Inaho rejected slain, tht dumbass robot could have became friends with slain but now, Inaho just had to shoot him down. I hope in the second season slain can redeem himself and I hope the op's forshadowing won't come true...honestly I don't see how it's forshadowing Slains deathi? Can you explain please?
9/25/2014 c1 21Bashabuttonstories
Beautiful. No other word to describe it. Thank you.
9/23/2014 c1 15Heir of the void
Not sure I agree with your interpretation, but still well written. After all, in the end, Slaine was the one to pull the trigger, so he bears final guilt for killing Inaho (and probably Asseylum).
9/22/2014 c1 28WriteShop
The ending certainly casts Inaho shooting down Slaine in episode 7 in a different light. When it aired, I thought Inaho had gotten suspicious because of Slaine's questioning of how they were treating the Princess.

In retrospect, he was _jealous_, as in 'Why is this jerk so interested in MY princess?'
9/21/2014 c1 8SEESWildCard
About your AN, Inaho isn't the teasing type. And he had good reason for shooting Slaine down.

Slaine was someone looking for the princess, somehow knowing the princess was alive, and was refusing to say why he was after her. Inaho suspects that some Martians orchestrated the assassination. And Slaine shot first.

ALSO, please stop blaming Urobuchi. He only scripted the first three episodes and made the concept for the show. He didn't even make Inaho's character. The rest of the staff is just trying hard to emulate him.

And Inaho isn't a hero. He is a protagonist. Heroes go out their way to save people because it's the right thing to do. Inaho fights the. Martians and saves people because it's his job, and he wants to protect those close to him.

Also, fix your english. A fair amount of typos in here,
9/21/2014 c1 31Sekai -The World
Although the previous review has sense that slaine shot first, Inaho antagonized him so they are barely even. Inaho screwed himself back at tanegashima. Bringing bat down in fear of traitor is correct, not going ahead to capture him for information caused this. Not going to hate slaine here too but i died a little when nao-kun died (rewatched the urobuchi headshot scene a few times...headshot...no suprise revival can save him). Slaine has many reasons to shot orange...and since they never met and princess is 'dead', theres simply no reason to not shot him as inaho said.

"Boku wa kimi no teki."

(I am your enemy.)
9/20/2014 c1 Kira Y
While your story is food for thought as to what might have been passing through Slaine's mind when he seriously screwed the pooch at the end of the anime, I'm afraid I have to disagree with your defense of his actions. Everyone seems to forget that Slaine was the one that opened fire on Inaho FIRST. Inaho simply responded and took him down. Inaho never wavered in protecting the princess. He saved her many, many times and it was clear he felt for her as he crawled his way to check on her. What did Slaine do? Not only did help someone that told him outright his plan was to kill the princess, the ultimate betrayal, but he shot Inaho out of spite and jealousy. You could clearly hear it in his voice, the hatred that he had towards Inaho, the princess's savior. I don't believe you can be pure and innocent when you're that petty and dark inside.

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