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for Random Facts or the Will of Fate?

7/18/2018 c2 G
I must say, after watching the Drama CD in question, this chapter was HILARIOUS, and it NEEDS a followup. Waver x Taiga for life, yo.
10/23/2014 c4 Diogo Araujo

Could make a special chapter where Shiki Tohno just reuniting with Archetype: Earth now in the real world. He is alone in the field of lawns (even one where he and Aoko Aozaki met for the first time) during the day. So the most powerful form of Arcueid, Archetype: Earth aka Crimson Moon, appears to him (She is indeed a realization generated by the last Tatari caused by Dust of Osiris in Melty Blood Actress Again and somehow maintained its separate existence of Arcueid now at the end of the events of this game).

The goal is the talk between them after spending a few weeks after the events from the last Tatari finished and how things terminram in that form, with the supreme authority of the moon getting a new separate body of 'young princess' and that she had used the last of the Philosopher's stones he found in the dimension of Osiris after she was defeated that allowed Archetype: Earth mantesse his new existence in the world of the living. The meeting they had at night when they faced when ventrua regarding Tatari finished (only Tohno Shiki knows of the existence of Archetype: Earth now in the real world, nor Arcueid and no girls Tsukihime know about it so far ). The life of the young Tohno Arcueid after he met and began living the supernatural and various other things like the friends he has made since he started hunting vampires today and the future, where Archetype: Earth warns that due to the condition that body of Shiki suffered within a few years, he had not lived long.

But Shiki warns her that it's okay and before she left for the Castle Millennial Brunestud to sleep a little, she would give him a kiss, showing that she also has feelings of love for the young man.

Archetype: Earth then thinking of when she will solve publicly appear when the time comes for the young princess and all friends Shiki, while Shiki is left alone again in the field of lawns, where soon after Arcueid appears to call him to go out with her.
10/20/2014 c2 FanFicReader712012
Why do I get a strong feeling that Waver would have been the one of the greatest teachers Shirou should have had prior to the 5th Holy Grail War? Waver's relation would be a perfect excuse for Shirou to use for Saber's appearance.
10/20/2014 c1 FanFicReader712012
Are you going to make a chapter of Shirou and Touko?
10/15/2014 c3 2gh0st3
This is interesting crossover, but I would like to see your story update.

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