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11/18/2018 c5 14Taliahah
It's been a while since I've been on this site and I'm overjoyed to see I have a half million words of yours to catch up on! Thank you!
12/29/2016 c57 Me
Very intense
12/22/2016 c50 Me
I am happy that you haven't given up. Well your second language is good. Thx for sharing. Sometimes reading stories my empathy is improving because lately I just don't want to care anymore. I like your details . Lots of hugs and kisses
7/16/2016 c1 1Celena Black
Is this a sequel?
2/15/2016 c43 Guest
My weekend was dedicated to your story. I happen to like NCIS and I am a fan of Oded Fehr. This story appealed to me. What can I say: you blew my mind away. Don't know how you write, but that imagination is on high gear! Thanks for occupying my weekend while I was bedridden with a cold!
1/1/2016 c1 Guess
Discovered and read your wonderful stories while on holidays. Must admit you are more of a novelist than a short story writer. This site does not do you justice, but please don't let my comment stop you. It does not diminish the quality of your work, but the length must keep away many readers from this site. With your strong imagination, very diversified technical, medical, language, world news knowledge's, I'm really wondering what you do for a living. Hope you finish the Dark Control one, I'm now attached to your Eyal and Sharon storylines, nothing like the TV serie CA. I'd even say the development of your characters is more believable than the TV ones. Please excuse my English, like you it is not my first language. Would love to read one of your stories in French. Please finish Dark Control and have a wonderful 2016!
11/12/2015 c35 Me
I just love your stories...please continue.
9/20/2015 c35 Rushroom
You came back
7/21/2015 c34 Rushroom
Glad that Annie is not bad hope not very ingured. There are so many smart heads there that could make boom . Next time action on...
7/20/2015 c33 Rushroom
Well this is a twist, hope you do not make Annie bad. It was a Well done time line and a very high point of story where you have bring us ... and hope you update soon because my friend I will love to read what you prepare for us next time. Hugs and kisses
7/20/2015 c1 6bouc0101
Thanks for the reviews, they so help me to continue. I've been absent for a while but I promise to finish my two stories. I've been writing, just not sorting it out. I have over 22 000 words written for this one but need to organise it all into chapters before publishing them. The conclusion is finished but still need to write the 'action/mission' part of the story (to come in chapter 34, 35 and 36) What can I say I prefer to write the emotion/coming to terms parts of my story before the action! Unlike CA I will have closure for all - meaning there will be more Annie but it's more and Eyal/Sharon base story so more of them. (Have to admit, Sharon is more my view of the Annie I'd have like to seen on CA than a 'new' character). Again I welcome review and cherish them. Not many reader but will finish this story even if there is only one!
7/20/2015 c29 Rushroom
So... Your documentation about technology used in different ways here I think that take time.. So what is your field work?
7/20/2015 c28 Guest
I want more Annie in the story . Mommy is in trouble love to read about it
7/19/2015 c26 Mr
Fascinating as ever. I like how you twist and fill up the situations in a very creative way. The speech about the baby in the and it was so bold... Like challenging the baby to fight for life
7/19/2015 c1 Me
You are such a wonderful writer. Thx for sharing with us your thoughs . Hope you go
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