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20h c68 Mareta Sherif Youssef
Can anyone please tell me how old harryjames/salfazsahar is? 15 (his age from when moridunun/merlin found him). Please help me because my math calculations got very wonky and very bad that I couldn't make out his age, so someone please tell me how old he is?
1/18 c68 Dana Michelle Cooper
I can't wait for your next post I love this story
1/15 c17 Guest
basilisk eyes? hello?
1/15 c13 Guest
He seems kind of chicken shit for someone 700 years old, good anyways though.
1/15 c68 coco
I absolutely love this fic - the suspense is really gripping and I love how you've woven your ideas with canon. Can't wait to read more!
1/17 c68 Conyiy
Me encanta tu historia continua por favor
1/17 c68 attacktitan100
some stories re good as a complete set but some manage to hold interest even if released in chapter basis. Basilisk Born is of the latter category. Awesome work
1/15 c66 prannoyk
a fine chapter. one suggested change...

Whatever he did, it would have to wait until after the first meeting in January.


Whatever he did, it would have to wait until after today's meeting.
1/14 c37 1venus4279
Really powerful ending in this chapter. I guess we’ll now get to see how Harry met Reg?
1/14 c35 venus4279
This was a great chapter. I loved Augusta, loved the scene with the elder Weasleys, and I loved the article so much!
1/12 c68 Guest
Thanks for the story.
1/13 c68 WetForProfanity
Hai! This is my favourite fanfic ever, and I've read fanfics for years haha. Its so well written and I've read this about 4 or 5 times now. You're such an amazing writer!

I'm actually thinking about drawing Sal but I dont know which era to draw him from xD

Keep up the great work, you're amazing!
1/12 c25 venus4279
Yay - all the founders!
1/12 c24 venus4279
Yay two of the founders together!
1/12 c16 venus4279
I adore Veyland!
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