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6h c12 gryphan.master900
This is a good story but it desperately needs to be rewritten because it's spelling, grammar, and overall structure are awful, obviously as a non-native English speaker this is perfectly understandable but you need to get some assistance now that it is finished so you can fix it.
6/8 c72 rintindaff
This is probably one of the best stores I've ever read! There has never been a store that has captured my attention as much as it did and for so long. You did a fabulous job and I hope you are proud of it! Well done!
6/6 c72 2Demiwitch7
the best story I've read in quite some time.
6/2 c37 AiymaSnikies
I love that he said you cannot blame a whole nation for something. Few of its people do
5/25 c2 2Maxguevara36
5/24 c72 aemilyl24
It took me a while to read this once I found it, but it was incredible! Thank you so so much for creating an incredibly well thought out plot and everything made sense. This was such an amazing Harry Potter story!
5/21 c27 Greg
I like the story but it's very difficult to read because you misspell so many words and your English grammar is pretty bad at times as well. I wish you would have used a word processor with spell checking and grammar checking.
5/16 c72 madison.beaumont00
Beautiful fan fic. Words can’t describe it other than an experience. You honestly feel as if you’re living Harry’s life with him and it’s beautifully tied into history as well. It was either a story mapped out from the start or the writer is just an absolute genius but I just think it’s both. 11/10
5/14 c72 Fallow59

5/13 c1 garrycooper101
I was wrong, it's not a good story. It's a GREAT story!
5/10 c17 garrycooper101
This is a very good story!
5/9 c65 3GothWolf2013
okay I have to ask cuz I'm a bit confused. is he basilisk born, pheonis born, a dementor born AND a born Grim? I'm so confused
5/4 c72 L
I'm crying, this story is so beautiful3
5/5 c1 2BelleFairy13
I’ll be honest I almost passed this up. The first chapter while good didn’t quite catch me but after debating for a minute I decided to give it a little more. I am so glad I didn’t pass it up. This story was so well written and beautiful. You’re story telling was captivating and I stayed up late more than I should have wanting to keep reading. I loved the lore you wove in and while a time travel fic it’s wasn’t confusing and I like how you paced between time periods. Harry wasn’t op for op sake every ability had a reasonable explanation and I just absolutely loved this fic. Thank you for your time writing it.
5/3 c5 Arumia
“Turning back in time” clearly not so
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