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5/16 c72 Marrrrre
An overall great story! I just had a rough time with all the chapters from the past from the 1900s and onwards, to me the Grindelwald plot was quite confusing, otherwise I really loved this story!
5/8 c37 me
It seems I always come back to your stories when I want to kickstart a good cry...
Love your stories, hope to see more!
5/3 c1 SacrificeMeToday
4/29 c72 KnowInsight
Great story! :D
4/25 c7 Guest
I am but a commoner with a simple grasp of linguistic complexity. Multi syllable names denoting vaunted lineage and historical significance are confusing to my humble abilities and distract greatly from my comprehension of the written word. I implore you to consider the readability of your story especially in regard to the name of your primary character which I anticipate to frequently encounter even as I thank you for your literary efforts.
4/21 c1 AlphaGaunt
una pregunta tiene usuario en AO3? es que aquí las traducciones de su libro me salen incorrectas por lo que se me dificulta leer y lamentablemente el inglés no es mi lengua materna y no se hablarla o en este caso leerla eh estado buscando traducciones de esta al español pero la única que encontré a sido eliminada de la plataforma digital en donde la encontré y en otra esta estaba traducida al francés por lo que eh estado buscando su libro en español o en una plataforma digital en donde al traducirla no cometa tantos errores gramaticales que no dificultan tanto la lectura seria de mucha ayuda si me pudiera ayudar con esto
4/21 c71 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great (re)read! Still a favorite.
4/18 c66 3Steve-Arkarian
... Albus already knew he no longer held the Potter proxy (and maybe even that Lovegood had it). It was on the order to remove Albus as Headmaster. You wrote that all in a previous chapter. So, why is this "new"?
4/17 c72 renowned-warrior
This is truely one of the best fanfic stories there is. I applaud it and I adore it.
You are such a good and phenomenal writer.
Yes, there are a few spelling problems and mistakes sometimes, but who counts when you can instead laugh, cry, fall in love and get lost in your stories.
This isn't the first time I've read this one and it certainly won't be the last.
Thanks again for sharing.
4/16 c71 ForgottenShadowriter
Finally finished reading this. There were a lot of things I didn't like about this story, but there were so many things I did like too. In the end I think it was worth reading. Thanks for writing a great story.
4/16 c58 Steve-Arkarian
How did Ron and Hermione follow Harry to the Room of Requirement when Harry was wearing his invisibility cloak? I can see them following him out the portrait hole, but not all the way to the Room. Also, you also said he took the Map with him so they couldn't have used that to follow him either. It doesn't make sense.
4/15 c54 Steve-Arkarian
I like your story, but sometimes I really hate how you jump around in time. Especially considering how you take chunks of your story and then repeat them pretty much word for word in some places. It gets very confusing. :/
4/15 c51 Steve-Arkarian
Harry first thought that is added name of Amethyst was added by Sirius, but later it was actually added by one of his adoptive parents... So as his godfather what name did Sirius give him or did he not give him one?

If Mungo is 18, then he wouldn't be "too close" to his second maturity, he would have already had it. At least if you're following what you've already said in your story. The first maturity is at about 10-11, the second is around 15 (or was it 16?) and the third and last maturity is between 20-23...
4/11 c20 Steve-Arkarian
How old was Harry's adopted father, the one that first found him when he traveled back, when he died? And how old is Harry now?
4/11 c13 Steve-Arkarian
I've noticed a repeated typo in your story: you keep writing "sighted" and I believe you mean to be writing "sighed".
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