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for Basilisk-born

3h c72 Bele
what an awesome brilliant gigantic amazing story! holy shit how the heck did you keep it together? the ideas, the mysteries,the threads, awesome! brilliant! thank you very much!
18h c72 Tata-Fox
This is the grandest masterpiece saga of hp fanfic i’ve ever read. Thank you. It was a good journey. Wonderful.
5/17 c51 envirosue
This really is a masterpiece.
5/15 c36 envirosue
This was fantastic.
5/15 c67 reiwil10
All these changing timelines is making me dizzy
5/15 c14 envirosue
I love this so much. Everything about it.
5/15 c72 3Honestly don't you two read
I love it when you can end a long story with a good chuckle

Now, I will start by saying WOW, what a wonderful, complex, well thought out, exciting, emotional, thought provoking story! I absolutely adored it!

You are a very talented writer! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, to hell with a few mistakes, ones own mistakes are the most difficult to see, no shame in that! But you have a large vocabulary and you can construct sentences at a level well above many native English speakers.

I loved the change from the present to the past, I must admit, I always looked most forward to the chapters in the present, However, I always enjoyed the ones in the past as well.
You managed most professionally to tie all the storylines and plot points together, masterly done!

This is one of the absolute best fan fictions I have ever read!

Well done!
5/12 c72 Amber
This is honestly one of THE BEST fanfiction I have ever read. It kept me hooked throughout the entirety of the story. I love the way your showed time travel as well as how you interwove all the different times and lives he lived. I can't tell you how happy I am that I stumbled across this story, it's kept me fascinated for days. Xxxxx
5/13 c72 3Cool2002
This story was amazing and I absolutely love it!
5/12 c72 koatten21
I cannot describe how much I loved this story. Thank you so much for making this! I’m so glad it was finished when I read it... I don’t think I could have waited for it to be finished lol. Great job!
5/11 c72 Kirkegaard
Great story i liked it.
5/11 c67 Cirque De La Folie
I’ll be honest. I never understood why readers would get so caught up in fact-correcting a masterpiece of writing like this. I love Harry Potter but my passion for it stems from the vast openness of the world Rowling created. Brilliant minds like yours have taken the building blocks of a magical world and turning it into a symphony of new ideas and old interwoven with history and legend. I want to weep that fanfiction like this won’t be published and on the New York Times best sellers list because it SHOULD BE. You’ve taken the Characters Rowling birthed and raised them into a blinding arc of depth. Obviously, I haven’t finished all 70 chapters just yet but I beg that you don’t let silly short sighted readers smother your genius creative. Even once you finish this book. I hope you continue writing (Fanfics or your own new worlds) because people like you add to the world with your minds. Best of luck in your normal daily life as well. People who produce work like this can’t help but be extraordinary in other ways as well. .
5/11 c72 3Phoenix-Kitsune-Demon
I normally don't leave reviews. But I have to tell you.
I found this story before it was finished and I have reread it many a times waiting for the finale. This is one of the best stories I think I have ever read. And I probably will still read it through again. You are a great author and I wish you well with all your stories, if they can be even half of this one. I'm looking forward to reading new works of yours!
5/10 c48 DrainedLi
Bro i love this so much
5/10 c46 DrainedLi
Nice chapter i like the way you incorporated canon lore to this and made it happen!
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