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5/22 c72 7terrahsims
This fanfiction deserves a standing ovation!

Wow, just wow. You've completely blown me away. This story has surpassed even my all-time favorites, "Harry Crow" by RobSt and "The Last Straw" by Raspberry Dreams (both fantastic works, by the way). While taste is subjective, this has undeniably become my top fanfiction.

As a history buff, I know how challenging it is to write historically accurate fiction, let alone fanfiction. You've achieved this with flying colors. Hands down, you've nailed it!

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. Through the highs and lows, the inevitable real-life interruptions, and even the flamers (who, frankly, deserve the hottest dragon/phoenix fire imaginable!), you've persevered. I'm incredibly grateful for your dedication.

This is a masterpiece, and I'm eagerly diving into the rest of your work. Bravo! Encore!
5/17 c34 Tatymoluka
Hohohoho! This is a masterpiece! I’m loving it! And allllllll “purebloods” in the future tsc tsc Alll them are not hahaha…
5/17 c9 ItzJoe
Terrible, nonsensical drivel and the sudden jumps back and forth is incredibly irritating, A for effort, F for everything else
5/17 c8 ItzJoe
This story has merit, its a good premise, but the way in which it is written is giving me a damn headache, im constantly having to re-read everything just to re word it so i can understand it, im not a codebreaker pal!
5/17 c49 terrahsims
I have to say it, I love when people actually research their historical stories and languages. Thank you!
5/13 c2 Guest
Ok what the fuck is this body snatcher nonsense
5/8 c72 LadyKirsten
I have finally read this. Took me 2.5 days. WORTH IT!
5/5 c72 Guest
This was amazing! I loved it so much, thank you for sharing your story!
5/6 c54 hear0fgold35
So many times throughout this fic I have wished for a competent Harry. He lives for centuries, how could he not have picked up some better planning and ideas and execution? But this plot has him as mildly crazy teenager who approaches every situation like he’s never experienced it twenty times in the past. If it’s the case, I would like it made explicitly clear that Harry is perpetually a child and cannot reach higher levels of thinking because his brain is still developing. Its so frustrating.

I’ve been getting annoyed with frustrated fics where things dont make sense for a while. I wonder if it’s just that I have too high standards or if I need to change my meds.
5/3 c28 Dretnuh
Why is he not at allll hiding his powers lol
5/3 c27 Dretnuh
I swear this jumping back and forth shit is like whiplash. I would understand it if any of the stuff we’re learning in the past ACTUALLY contributed to what is going on in the present. But off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is learning why the goblin called him Morganaadth or however it’s spelled.
5/3 c23 Dretnuh
Bruh what. He been alive for fucking 2500 years and he is still easily being spied in by moody….?
5/3 c23 Dretnuh
I honestly hate the jumping back and forth style in stories with time travel.
5/3 c16 Dretnuh
Dude wtf is up with this? He’s been adopted by what like 5 different people now?! Is that the only thing they did in ancient times is just adopt kids lol.
5/2 c58 Zurver
Avada Kedavra Hermione already. I cannot stand her at this point.
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