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13h c72 divvycrip
This really is a magnum opus. There are so many things about it that i loved that it would take too long and be a massive spoiler if i did. I loved this huge twist on time travel; the foreshadowing and how a life well lived impacted history. I also loved the balance concepti will say no more on that.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves an epic story with multiple twists in it. Thank you so much for sharing your work of love
7/23 c54 divvycrip
I love this epic tale, but there seems to be a lot of repetition in the last two chapters
7/22 c56 philodices
i wish you good health
7/20 c14 3LordHadesinTartarus
It's a fun story idea, but there are so many errors. The constant shifts in verb tense mean that virtually nothing makes sense.
7/19 c72 19AHRG
Very good
7/8 c55 Guest
Holy fuck you are amazing, this is incredible.
7/5 c6 chriswillis0923
Merlin fucking WENT t Hogwarts ! for crying out loud do your fucking research
7/3 c72 Vijeshhh
Grindelwald war was kinda boring to read but overall a very interesting story ...
7/1 c72 Doctor Lumos
I have no doubt that this has been written before but your story was amazing.
The way you found to basically explain or give a foundation to, a back story to, virtually the entirity of what was created by Rowlings was wonderful.
Some of it I guessed, some of it was a surprise and that is what one wants in a story.
Though others will and have written differently, you have convinced me that the most logical way to be able to return from time travel is to live the intervening time. Maybe if there was absolutely no interaction with the past, then nothing would be changed and the future would still exist. But having no interaction is doubtful and makes the action rather pointless.
On the other hand, still have some thinking to do about Sal's inability to make any significant changes to what had taken place. That might be a side effect from him being the one who sent himself back in time. Had Eloise (if memory serves me) made a different choice those who ended up being unborn would not have and more changes would have rippled out from there and she was only back around a week. Had that happened with Sal, it is likely that he would not have been able to meet up with himself. A bit of guiding by a higher power, Death I suppose, had to help with that perhaps.
So glad that your story was recommended by MaruaderLover7 and that I chose to read it. Now back to the work that I have put off for few days.
6/30 c72 Wesley8890
I absolutely adored this story. i honestly hate the fanfic site so when someone recced it to me i almost didnt read it. im so glad i took a chance. easily in my top favorite fics
6/25 c72 GreenSageCoyote
Oh my goodness! This is an absolute masterpiece! Thank you so much for all your time, research, and effort in bringing this story to life and sharing it with us. You are an incredible writer and I can't wait to look at your other stories! Thank you again!
6/22 c55 Guest
I *knew* that Sabaton was the perfect music choice to rock out to while reading this chapter; I've had 'Nightwitches' on repeat for it~ XD XD
6/24 c72 Zile0
Loved it and expect to read it again soon. There is so much to grasp. Thank you for all the hard work, dedication, and talent you put into it.
6/13 c72 9bashfyl
Totally awesome story! Really neat take on time travel. I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for sharing.
6/13 c22 LittleBoyDeath
But WHY is he dreaming of it when the Horcrux was killed millenia ago?
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