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7/23/2023 c38 wtfchrlz
Still don't understand how the MC could possibly be outmatched by someone 300 years younger than him if his blood rituals keep making him stronger.
7/23/2023 c37 wtfchrlz
Shouldn't he have borderline super strength at this point if the blood rituals have been improving his body and magic for 1000 years? MCs power level seems all over the place.
7/23/2023 c22 wtfchrlz
Why doesn't anyone know the difference between "lose" and "loose" anymore? It's something you learn in first grade.
7/23/2023 c13 wtfchrlz
Why does he still act like a child who doesn't know anything when he's over 300 years old, minimum?
7/22/2023 c3 WolfStark
7/21/2023 c18 ryanvadis
Careful: Spoilers!

In hindsight i find it so funny that Garrick calls Sal's staff "the staff of destiny", after looking through what was probably the entirety of the shops wand archive. The guy knows Sal. He lived with him, he worked with him. He saw that staff for years! And he never forgets a wand! But this one he has to look up again! Juuuust to be sure.
7/13/2023 c2 ryanvadis
reread number... (i am sorry i actually lost count... 10?maybe?) i often times go back to favorite chapters, and reread it entirely whenever i need my comfort fic and nothjng else really hits the spot. This is a piece of art and i want it as a physical book.
7/10/2023 c71 2AnonymouslyKnown
Brilliant. So brilliant
7/10/2023 c6 3Gemesies
Honestly I was already struggling with the fact that you horribly plagiarized the Poison Pen fanfiction
But you seem to force too much with the story about Harry and Salazar, you make Godric look like a pompous imbecile and Salazar like a saint who always has a good reason for his actions, it's downright boring.
By the way Merlin or Myrddin Emrys as you call him was a student at Hogwarts, so how could Harry/Salazar have met him hundreds of years before Hogwarts was founded?
7/10/2023 c72 Blueberry Babe
second time around was just as good as the first time. wonderful story. thanks again .
7/10/2023 c64 2AnonymouslyKnown
Yeah... i didn't follow that one. Trying to be elusive just made it very confusing
7/10/2023 c71 renowned-warrior
Oh I do so love this story. It is definitely one of my absolute favorites.
Thank you so much for sharing it and for doing the work with writing and telling it.
7/8/2023 c48 AnonymouslyKnown
24 hours. 48 chapters. Don't ask how little i slept. This is brilliant
7/8/2023 c26 AnonymouslyKnown
This is the the most interesting and well thought out story i have read in a long time. Well done
7/6/2023 c72 kkggr
There are a few grammar or spelling mistakes, but that's expected, and really not an issue. But really, a very very good, so well developed and nuanced fanfic! Thank you so much, loved how you took certain things from Canon and Fanon and gave them an amazing interpretation!
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