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4/4 c72 ARWilliams
This was an amazing story, an incredible journey and I’m so happy I finally read it fully! Great writing!
4/4 c13 1ThreateningMedicine
i still love this story, damn its nostalgic to reread... aaaah when im finished with my exams, ill reread the original thing too! ah new chapters! i lvoe your work so much - ishaal
3/25 c72 Guest
3/24 c72 Rista
I re read again and i like it so much this is my fav fanfic HP 4ever
3/23 c22 2awkwardtaxi
Hi, rereading your story again. Thanks again for sharing it! This story has the best-explained helpful/friendly goblins I’ve ever read, with a centuries-long history of Sal/Harry helping the goblins in character-typical “because it’s the right thing to do” fashion, and being welcomed as part of the Goblin nation and helped by them as needed in return. Just *mwah* hands down the best Goblin-Harry interaction storyline/subplot I’ve ever read.
3/14 c72 19thewandcrafter
Utterly, utterly brilliant. I was gasping when you tied the ends of the circle together! Just an amazing read. Thank you so much for this brilliant beauty of a story!
3/14 c1 MaxwellsDaemons
This will be my 3rd read-through of this story. Most definitely one of my absolute favorites.
3/13 c68 thewandcrafter
This chapter had me chuckling with quite a bit of glee.
3/13 c67 thewandcrafter
Holy Merlin, that was beautiful!
3/13 c66 thewandcrafter
Beautifully done! I loved this part so much (not that I haven't loved every single chapter before this one)!
3/11 c55 thewandcrafter
I am truly awed by this incredibly complex and ambitious undertaking. Are you a historian? You interweave Muggle and Wizarding history so adeptly.

I had to take a break at one point in this chapter - to cry a little. I imagine more of that is ahead.
3/3 c69 Guest
Tbh it had good stuff but so much shit, the plot is all over the place he's ment to be op but he's week most of the time, ehh is so frustrating it could have been good but god it drags on and his plans are retarded.
He is autistic with some of the shit that he let's happen just so the story drags on, he allows unbridge to torture 100 odd kids just so he can get proof, he let's people torture him for a week then kills them in seconds with his eyes... to save a kid but come on he could have done it early. He get he ass kicked in most fights he passes out after any magic, tbh he is a joke when it comes to magic he's meant to be 2000 years old but acts like a child alot of the time, some people will like this cause tbh you could write anything on fanfiction and people will still tell you is the best this ever but this was ok at best,.
huge waste of time
3/2 c72 creibly
I have been reading fanfaction for many many years and i must say THIS is the BEST STORY EVER WRITTEN
3/2 c72 4Kisarai Tao
I have read this story so many times, I don't even care to count anymore. It is such a gem and I love it to bits. Please, never ever let it disappear!
2/27 c35 A french man
a meaningful mistranslation can be found in this chapter. The word "vol" in french has two meanings: flight or theft. The word "de" does not translate as from, but as of. So Voldemort can mean two things: Flight of death or theft of death. Nevertheless, great story all along.
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