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4/13/2015 c25 IcySneasel
Another great chapter and I laughed hard at Godrics Name. and well you have been doing two chapters and switching between but seeing the school get started would be cool.
4/13/2015 c25 carick of hunter moon
nice set up
4/13/2015 c25 16Alice3960
Yo voto por un capĂ­tulo de Harry.
Besos, Ali
4/13/2015 c25 4Nargus
Oh woooooo. And so starts the "pureblood". This story need more reviews though! I have nothing to say but like it enough so...more soon? :D
4/13/2015 c25 Anaelyssa
I'm curious about Harry, but I currently want to hear more about how the Founding of Hogwarts went.

Very nice chapter as usual.
4/13/2015 c25 Srita. Horan
Please salazar... he is salazar slytherin? ?
4/13/2015 c25 KongouBongo
liking Sal, keep it going :)
4/13/2015 c25 326355757287
I'm not sure. I liked the ones about Harry better but the chapters about Sal are certainly growing on me...
4/11/2015 c24 adenoide
Sal help many people during his travel, when he will come back in the futur?
4/11/2015 c23 adenoide
Maybe it's Dumby the dark lord instead Voldy. Who is the owner of the blue eye? Lucius pass a bad moment with the head of branch Malfoire.
4/11/2015 c22 adenoide
My god, i miss something or a chapter because I'm lost. Who take Harry's body?
4/11/2015 c21 adenoide
How many time Sal will died and come back?
4/11/2015 c24 Emily
Poor Sal, got dragged into a new adventure. I'm seriously looking forward to the next chapter. I'm always so happy when you update. :)
4/13/2015 c24 IcySneasel
lol I knew for a while you were leading up to this moment and I can't wait til you update again, great chapter
4/12/2015 c24 Nargus
*giggles* I love how you ties up the timelines and history together. And what is apparently the origin of the Hogward's quote :3
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