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12/11/2014 c13 adenoide
It's interesting to read.
12/11/2014 c13 3SakuraKoi
12/11/2014 c13 Schnuff
It is the first time in many years reading HP fanfiction that i real beg an author to continue and finish his/her may it be:
Please continue! Pretty please! With sugar on top!
12/11/2014 c13 Anaelyssa

The oath adds another dimension to the story. Now we know that Sal can't just torture someone for the heck of it. But he can still cause pain in order to protect. I hope Dumbledore finds himself in a lot of pain.

I wonder how the LeFay magic ended up in Harry. Is it Mordred's line? Did Morgana have other children? Was it from one of Morgana's relatives? Or is it a time-loop thing where Harry is his own ancestor?
12/11/2014 c8 Schnuff
My first thought after reading 5 chapters was...oh oh many mysteries...interesting.
Now I am certain (OK more like guessing) that our beloved hero is in fact the not so late Salazar, has sent himself into the past and either lived the whole 2.600? years or at some point after co-founding Hogwarts found a way back...well, only way to find out is reading more ;-)
12/11/2014 c13 1geetac
I like the chapter very much.
12/10/2014 c13 TyrialFrost
Nice story, but 13 chapters in I have to say, it's spelled sighed - not sighted.
12/4/2014 c12 mizzrazz72
What a surpirse that will be waiting for Harry in the future. Who kept the truth from him?
12/4/2014 c12 3SakuraKoi
12/4/2014 c11 SakuraKoi
12/4/2014 c10 SakuraKoi
12/4/2014 c9 SakuraKoi
12/4/2014 c8 SakuraKoi
12/4/2014 c7 SakuraKoi
12/4/2014 c6 SakuraKoi
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