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1/2/2016 c9 Song Butterfly Girl
Omg this is brilliant
9/14/2015 c9 2hyukaism
Can u pretty please make a Kukamu or amuhiko story with a cherry on top?
1/24/2015 c7 4MagicalGirl4
Holy... Shit...
I didn't reveiw.

Oh, sorry, hold on.
Holy... Mother of god... Of shit...

I... God, Utau. She is amazing, ever since this story and the last one, I love her even more.
And those last lines there, just made me want to cry.
She sacrificed her self, and made a difference, she fought... She is beautiful...

God, I love this ending.
1/3/2015 c7 1queen-in-shining-armour
oh no... bad robots! they said technology is bad for us, but we never believed them (says the girl who's spends nearly all her time on her laptop)
goodbye Utau :'(

please continue :D
12/17/2014 c6 queen-in-shining-armour
awww I loved the Rimahiko story, and it's got a happy ending compared to the song
oh and Ikuto and Kukai are priceless together :) bromance forever! (or romance take your pick)
please continue XD
12/16/2014 c2 MemorableMemories
Woah! How gory!
And fantastic.
Poor Amu, but Rima them right, go Rima!
12/15/2014 c6 4MagicalGirl4
Wow, this seems interesting this one.
I don't like it as much as the others ones, but it's still pretty cool. ;)
11/30/2014 c5 MagicalGirl4
Ah! I have read this one before!
It's so good!

So strange though... I never really understood why she grew wings...
And I got so upset when Nagi cut off her hair...
And never thought I would really dislike Amu...

11/24/2014 c4 1queen-in-shining-armour
wow this was... full of action! Please continue :D
11/22/2014 c4 4MagicalGirl4
This... Was...

I don't know what I like better. The second story or THIS POWERHOUSE!


It was so action packed and just plain badass.
It's set so damn well, I just... I just can't!

Utau demon of fate, Ikuto keeping her there, Amu being complete awesome!

This... I...

Epic ;)
11/1/2014 c3 MagicalGirl4
Woah... Just woah...

Ok, the first chapter. Pretty good.

The second chapter... HELLA FRICKING AWESOME!

Now this one... I really don't understand whats going on. I mean, each chapter is in a different universe. And it's weird... BUT IN A GOOD WEIRD!
But I am really confused. And the second chapter was DEFINITELY my favourite, it so fricking twisted and dark, and I love that!
But seriously... Care to explain what the hell is going on? XD
9/28/2014 c2 chris
Wow that was really dark but sooo good. I really like it. Please continue
9/28/2014 c2 1queen-in-shining-armour
wow this is really creepy... but I love it anyway xD even though Ikuto is a bad guy...
please continue :D

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