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for A Demon Lord's Hero

16h c14 ocomhdhain1
Yyaaayyyy, a Shirou x Serafall moment!
17h c26 Scabb
So I stumbled across your five like three days ago and now I’m hooked. I am going to fail my exams Cus of you mate. Anyway, great fic as a whole, and congratulations on returning to writing? Great chapter bro, cat wait for the update.
1/22 c24 1axis1247
Just to note there's a noble phantasm that can straight up separate soul from the body and mind Shirou could've literally ripped the bg out of her without killing her this whole time
1/22 c13 ocomhdhain1
1/15 c26 Alex Emiya
This has been a very interesting story and I hope to see more of it. p.s I searched it up and I will hate it for my entire life
1/11 c26 Guest
A story where shirou emiya is trapped in a blank space where millions of years go by and, in order not to go crazy, he begins to practice with ubw weapons that have combat techniques, magic technology, magic from the era of the gods, avalon , and the things that archer emiya could observe in multiple parallel lines someone created a story like that where shirou can become totally op
1/11 c26 1ReallyZero
Man binged this in a week and was so good. Hope to see more soon
1/10 c20 Vendre
His Sister?
I can only think of three people that can even kinda be considered his sister kinda... and is related to the Khaos Brigade
The most likely one would be Kuroka considering his Relationship with Shirone
After that would be Le Fay considering his kinda like king arthur Kinda?
Last and the least likely if at all possible and would be pretty weird would be Ophis since Ophis is Infinity and he is Unlimited? would really be stretching it but it kinda makes sense?
1/9 c10 Zabuza Momichi23
no matter how many times i read this chapter. every single time i get choked up.
1/5 c26 Javeonte Lewis
he has been dropping knowledge through the book.
1/5 c10 pdes
I can somewhat understand why people enjoy this, but to be honest, reading this felt more like having a fever dream than reading a fight scene. WAY too much detail about absolutely everything. You could cut like two thirds of the detail and STILL be overexplaining what's going on.
1/5 c10 MidnightZeal
Reading this chaoter, this shent shiver to my spines, no joke and reading it again sent shivers again. I love this Chapter.
1/4 c1 Jxgod
this story is a rare masterpiece
1/4 c6 JustDusty
Way too many details mate. What's the point in writing a whole chapter where Shirou breaks Sona's peerage? You already proved he's one of the most powerful beings in DxD. So why waste your time on this?
1/3 c6 Psycho Usagi-Kun
Why? why-no...how could you do this? two girls one cup? I want to die, have the entire world erase my existence
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