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for A Demon Lord's Hero

3/18 c2 1Geokit
Aerle on Webnovel has stolen this work and posted onto webnovel as thier own without credit to the author who made this.

stealing it basically word for word.

i didnt read more then the frist and a bit of the 2nd chapter but it was taken word for word.

it wants me to submit information that I own this story just to be able to report Aerle for plagiarism on Webnovel.
3/16 c12 Snig1815
Day 50 of rereading (4th time) this masterpiece and waiting for an update.
3/9 c10 Between Calm and Storm
I had to stop and write a review before I finished this fic and have to say that it is great.

The talks about ideals, and how Heaven has lost its way, to the simplicity of what makes a hero.

Its sad that there is only 26 chapters, but I will be sure to enjoy whats left.

Thanks for writing this.
2/23 c26 Snig1815
Best both FSN and DxD crossfic so far(in my opinion); Well written drama, humor and fights, unusual for dxd crossfic plot and pairing, good written characters(finally kokabiel isn' typical mad villian). Pretty sure i'll reread this after some time. Thank you for such wonderful story; hope you're alright and will some day countinue writing it, stay determined!
2/14 c1 Zaneninjacat
this story got copied paste on to webovel, with a new name "dxda new hero"
2/12 c12 3Karagor Gorefist
How dare you make me like Kokabiel
2/10 c1 T-3AisBetter
Yo Fahad, if you see this message, please know that someone is posting this story on webnovel under the title 'dxd: a new hero'. They are taking parts of your story, and splitting it into different parts to increase chapter count even though the story itself is practically the same as what you have written (there is a little difference in format).

Unless the person posting is yourself, you may want to do something about the person pirating the story.
2/6 c1 Some random guy on the interne
Does anyone know if the author is alright?
2/4 c6 Voltsy
1/26 c9 1Shubhu07
fucker..i was happily living my life than i read Asia saying about 2 women and 1 cup in you fanfiction and decided to search it and fucking God you have traumatized me so fuck you!
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
1/23 c26 1Beta117
Bad news guys, pretty sure this guy is dead.
1/20 c26 bigwoof
excellent story! thanks...
1/18 c1 declanbeech97
Are you still alive?
1/17 c1 Condottiere
The webnovel user "Aerle," is a well-known plagiarist. He's recently started copying this story, and he's using it to advertise his personal p-treon.

He did the same thing to "With the Eyes of God," by cloud9stories. He got away with it for nearly a year, despite numerous reports. Something finally made him take it down, so he's switched to a new story.

Webnovel does little to nothing to moderate users, and authors have the power to delete reviews. As a result, it makes it easy for thieves like Aerle to copy someone's work and conceal the fact from readers. Not even one of the most popular DxD fanfics is safe, it seems.

If the author is still around, I'd recommend contacting a lawyer and p-treon, since it's an American company that actually cares about copyright laws. Webnovel will, at best, delete his account, and he'll have a new one by the end of the week.
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