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3/24 c26 Guest
I can get issei being a weakling ,a normal guy who dosent want to put in the effort for getting what he wants but to not even care about his family more than boobs ,thats like bad .even though he's trash ,he still cared about his family and willing to fight to death for people he cared about
3/24 c2 darknessking675
From my experiences authors that have those powerful people reincarnated with just a pawn usually have them joining a peerage that is over full or will be full in the coure timeline so instead of choosing who to either get rid of or changing someone's keys they already have to a different piece they do it the lazy way by by doing something like a person who takes eight pounds to reincarnate only now takes seven. And they usual justification for this is saying that the pawn is mutated or they were reincarnated by the a stronger devil been traded over to the person they wanted the overpowered person that entered the peerage. Example it's a common trope to have rias have her brother reincarnate someone traded over to her making up a rule saying the stronger our devil is the more powerful person their pieces can reincarnate
3/23 c13 ThunderDragonXXx
jocks is an americanism not used in places that aren't america, I'm ngl this holy story feels like it's just not the same charactersshirou doesn't feel like shirouthe casual use of gonna is painful to read, no one talks like that- your fight scenes were terrible, jolty and confusing, Asia doesn't feel like Asia- i live kokabiels change tho, that's was alright ig
3/22 c22 Lawn Chair Reviews
Shirou’s unintentional disses are hilarious. Figuring out her fighting style, switching between baiting and pressuring in a way that conveys he’s in conplete control, saying he’s unimpressed, all of it is great.
Seeing the skill and creativity of Karasuba with the concept of “boost” says a lot about her and er teachers too which is a good way of characterizing them.
The whole “I cause every problem” is annoying and immature but she is 16 with her most defined consistent companions through life being a Dragon and a monkey so that’s fair. But for real, girl, the world is small and has always been crazy, get over it. Shirou buying it and wanting to save her though was interesting and on brand.
All in all, Karasuba is still a very mixed bag but has a lot of potential. She could be a more secondary thing as the schemes of other organizations and factions work around her and Shirou, or she could be a main player that others implement and use in their plans. Either could work.
Also Shirou himself seems to be getting a bit of bloodlust recently. Maybe that’ll be his new sin. That said, is Emiya Shirou ever got some lust power I think reality would warp into everyone at once seeing him high jump.
3/22 c21 Lawn Chair Reviews
Great chapter.
Love seeing the Hyoudou parents get characterized so interestingly. I’m definitely curious about the whole family now. And Sun Wukong is insane in at least 500 different ways, so even name dropping him has a BIG impact.
Karasuba is still a mixed bag. Unique, different, and potentially good.
I also love the consistent alternative interpretations of the DxD elements. Devils, dragons, and the like being insane by human standards is really fun.
3/21 c20 Lawn Chair Reviews
An interesting chapter. Feels shorter than some of the others. I wouldn’t be surprised if having Karasuba is this story is a point of contention, but you seem to be handling her relatively well.
That said, this chapter also mainly raises a lot of questions. How Karasuba interacted with this world, what the Khals Brigade is up to, who the “sister” is, what other schemes are going on, and so on.
3/21 c19 Lawn Chair Reviews
A bit more boring that the previous chapter.
The whole plot and scheming going on is pretty fun until you realize it’s not even an exposition dump on the plots but a misdirection is it was a page plus of basically nothing. So I’m still curious about what the whole plan is, but devouring that much to the false explanation just wastes time and sets up higher expectations of the real plan.
None the less, unknown real reasons aside, a tournament arc is always a great way to have fight scenes, show fun and interesting and unique powers, show the flexibility and strengths of the protags, and overall accomplish a LOT. If it’s done right.
3/20 c18 Lawn Chair Reviews
A fun chapter.
The fight was cool and the devil lore was pretty interesting.
3/20 c17 Lawn Chair Reviews
Mickey-Chan is best girl.
Great character interactions and characterization overall. Zekram, Riser, and Sairaorg all bring something new to the table that can change the plot in fun ways.
I’m genuinely curious about Rias’ pawn, Zekram’s plan, and so on. And seeing the various curb-stomps and more equal fights in the tournament will be hype as hell.
3/19 c4 3WroughtIronHeroUnlimitedBlades
Interesting, I thought you would make Issei as a fodder...
3/19 c16 Lawn Chair Reviews
It’s certainly new. Maybe even original. I don’t know if this is an OC or what, but I’ve certainly never seen her before.
The actual backstory is definitively more developed than Serafall’s actual backstory. By virtue of existing. So it certain is a development of all time upon the character.
Regardless this chapter was pretty chill (some pun intended) and not in an entirely bad way.
3/19 c15 Lawn Chair Reviews
This really is a strange situation.
On one hand you’ve got a really new and unique idea introducing this complex and unique character that shifts the entire plot. But on the other it’s just so far out of left field, it’s in some ways not an OC because she’s from freaking Sekirei (which a whole other crate of worms), but lots of it really comes across as the typical SI OC fanfic MC.
The changes to the implications and undertones of dragons and whatnot being darker is fine. It’s just pretty random that Karasuba is your choice. And I can definitely see lots of parts of this whole thing that would be contentious with the readers.
3/18 c14 Lawn Chair Reviews
Another fun chapter.
So if Illya will be the rook (or maybe a bishop?), Xenovia’s the knight, and the fallen are the pawns, that leaves the other rook, knight, bishop, and queen.
I wonder if Rin or Saber would show up and be the bishop or knight respectively. Xenovia would probably love that.
I do wish other characters got more development. But focusing mainly on Shirou and Serafall is fine.
3/18 c13 Lawn Chair Reviews
Good breather chapter. PrIllya is always ... an experience.
3/18 c26 Jai.Raiya
Still steadfastly waiting for an update
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