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1/18 c26 King0fP0wers
Holy shit, I cannot believe that I missed that update for over a year. In my defense, the updates are sporadic at best!
I do like your version of Riser, I really do. Almost charismatic! Rias' sheer dislike seems to bemore because of the fact that it's an arranged marriage and knowing only the very basics about Riser's character: his womanizer habits.
I'm genuinely looking forward to the match. On one hand, we have one of the strongest young Devils, seemingly comparable to Sairaorg, and on the other hand we have Rias and her buffet of super-gifted comrades, not to mention her mystery pawn worth seven pieces.
...To be honest, I'm kinda torn. Looking at the circumstances, I'd like Riser to win, just to fix those clan troubles and see him take on another big shot. But I kinda get the feeling that that Pawn will be a dark horse carrying them up to Shirou.
Speaking of Pawns, can I just mention how cool those Fallen Ninja Pawns are?! I want to see Light Kunais and Shuriken already!
1/15 c26 Hased07Br
1/11 c1 Guest
Shit that was one of the best prologue i ever read i almost cried lol infact i shed a single tear in my right eye Umu you outdone yourself my good sir my only concern is that you stop updating the novel
1/3 c23 baka29830
Why the fuck are you portraying Kanshou and Bakuya as hard to break? Yes, they are noble phantasm's but they literally used as an easily disposable noble phantasm because they break all the time when against other noble phantasm's and are cheap to produce. And they might be stronger in the DxD verse but you also have stronger opponent's.
1/3 c2 SketchPlan
I remembered why I deleted this... because of the chess part explaination Lelouch would be dissapointed with that statement as well... affects me.

The difference between chess when compairing in real life... wtf... liked the story concept but truly hated that part as I am a Code geass fan.
12/31/2021 c26 creeperslayer239
Holy Sh*t this is easily S tier in quality well written action interspersed by very well written character development and well done comedy that isn't forced or very noticeable. Everything flows like this was done by a professional author (no idea if you are or not). If I wasn't so impatient I would say I can't wait to read more but I most likely never will or I might remember months down the road. You didn't even follow the plot of DxD like most others do and if you changed characters you made them arguably better without changing them in too many ways (riser). And added characters fit into the story near perfectly though are a bit unexpected. S tier easily. This reviewcomment is getting way too long...
12/31/2021 c10 Son-Of-Scorn
I’ve read this story more times than I can count and I still shed a few tears every time I read this story but especially this scene, it is one of the best stories I’ve ever read, here or anywhere else and the only thing I’d want more from this story is chapters, I don’t think I can name a story that I have re-read as much as this one.

Congratulations on this work of art and Happy New Year
12/23/2021 c1 Dasgun
. .
12/17/2021 c10 Panda.k1ng
Look at this, six paragraphs of exposition
12/17/2021 c9 Panda.k1ng
Your dialogue is very monology. At each turn of phrase the characters go into a speech about four paragraphs long.
12/13/2021 c26 4Arya13579
As I write this review, I lay dying on my death bed. My last request is for another chapter of this excellent story.

Okay, so I'm only dying of boredom, but it counts dammit! I demand satisfaction! ...Wait, is that too...demanding? Okay, how's this: I require sustenance! ...No, that doesn't make any sense, am I going to eat the chapter? Umm...okay here we go. Please update?
12/12/2021 c19 Sierratuere
12/11/2021 c26 frezer330
i believe in you, you cant hook me like this and leave me hanging. I'LL WAIT AS LONG AS I HAVE TO
12/11/2021 c26 Guest
No next chapter, sees last update date, sigh why why why is it always like this!
12/1/2021 c19 USSRParrot
God o laughed so hard at the start of the chapter! “I was born’-possibly the greatest bad-ass boast ever.”
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